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Heartbeat of Gratitude – G191123

Workshop ID: G191123
Dates: November 8, 2019 - November 10, 2019
Price: $250.00 - $395.00

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This weekend of gratitude highlights a Southern Plains-style gourd dance. The social dance began as a warrior’s dance and originated from the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. Gourd dances have become intertribal dances and celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and to remember those who have journeyed on to the spirit world, as well as to send off war veterans to the front line and for their safe return home.

Ghost Ranch gourd dance was founded on the notion to promote the well-being of a community, for healing & to strengthen intertribal relations, native & non-native. Teaching begins Friday with a talking circle to introduce the history, process, and etiquette for the ceremony. The dance itself unfolds across Saturday afternoon and evening. A closing talking circle occurs on the Sunday morning after breakfast.  

Dress Code Men: jeans or slacks, long-sleeved collared shirt, nice shoes or boots. Women: blouse, skirt and shawl, nice shoes or boots. Bring dollar bills. 


Package Price
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Private Bath$395.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Shared Bath$325.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Communal Bath$250.00
Merrick Tate

Merrick Tate is Red House Clan, born for Red Running into the Water Clan. Originally from Ts'ah Bii'kin (Inscription House), AZ, Merrick has lived in Albuquerque, NM since 2003. Merrick is a silversmith apprentice, feather fan

This workshop has passed.

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