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Ghost Ranch Bluegrass Camp with Bluegrass Camps West – G24050202

May 08 – 12 2024

Have fun playing and learning old music with new friends!
Whether you want to fine-tune your personal playing and your ensemble participation, or you are brand new to a bluegrass instrument – this week is for you. ‘Pick’ up your banjo, bass, fiddle, mandolin or guitar and play surrounded by the magnificent scenery of Ghost Ranch.

You will learn the basics of bluegrass playing in the safety of an ensemble:

  • Learn to be part of a rhythm section or
  • Take a risk playing a solo break
  • Hone your singing and harmony skills
    Perform a couple different nights in front of an enthusiastic ranch audience
    Make new and lasting friends!

Your 2024 instructors

Mike Finders- bluegrass guitar, bluegrass vocals, and camp director.

Matt Flinner- bluegrass mandolin, vocals, and bluegrass ensemble playing.

Aaron Youngberg- bluegrass banjo, ensemble playing, and sound engineer.

Erin Youngberg- bluegrass bass, bluegrass harmonies, and keeper of the four agreements.

Ryan Drickey- bluegrass fiddle, bluegrass vocals, and bluegrass music theory.

Gregg Daigle- bluegrass guitar, ensemble playing, and camp coordinator

  • Everyone Sings- You’ll have the opportunity to sing in the comfort of large groups while exploring bluegrass harmonies with our very own ghost ranch bluegrass choir. 

  • Enjoy late night picking or just relax and listen after a full day of challenges and fun.

  • Learn from experienced professionals both in the classroom and one-on-one.

  • And don’t forget about the quality of the surrounding landscape. Everything sounds better in the canyon! Hike during breaks or just sit under a tree. 

We hope you find our unique, student-centered approach refreshing and helpful.  We know all of us are on different steps along our bluegrass paths, and we find that when we allow each student to be able to play for and with other people, the learning and fun just fall right in.  We work hard to build and celebrate a supportive community for musical growth, one that encourages our individual contributions to a musical community, learning and enjoying bluegrass music.

It is our sincerest hope and endeavor to facilitate an authentic and fun bluegrass educational experience that helps you to more artfully and easily express yourself through music! 

Your early registration will ensure a place in the ensemble with the instrument of your choice (you must bring your own!) and your preferred lodging.
Please see Welcome letter for more info, schedule, and contact info.

Student Testimonials

“I have attended [The Bluegrass Jam Camp] seven times! I barely knew three chords the first time.  It’s worth it just to hang out with the band for a few days. The concert performance was a little stressful the first time, but the second year, didn’t want to leave the stage! Definitely a life changing experience!!” – Marty

“I’ve taken both banjo and bass classes at bluegrass camps with Erin and Aaron Youngberg.  They provide great instruction in a fun and helpful way.  I encourage pickers of all levels to take advantage of any opportunity to learn from them.” -Keith

“Thank you so much for an amazing week of practice and inspiration. You’ll be happy to know I have been practicing all the stuff you taught me – I am determined not to forget any of it!  It was really good timing for me in my bass playing journey.” -Dolores