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The Zen of Stone Carving with Robin Keck – G24040402

Apr 21 – 26 2024

Stone carving is more than taking a piece of stone and creating an amazing work of art. It is about choosing a piece of stone and letting it choose you. It is about tapping in to your inner vision and finding the inner beauty in the stone. And it is about communicating with your art and your comrades. Stone is used for protection, healing, seeking, and celebration, and this workshop can be about inspiration, transformation, and joy.

This workshop is designed for all levels of carvers, and all materials will be supplied (except the elbow grease). We will carve alabaster and soapstone with rasps and riffles, and polish with sandpaper.

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  • Robin Keck
    Robin Keck

    (Robin Keck discovered Ghost Ranch 30 years ago and has been a participant, instructor, volunteer and administrator here. She is also a wife, mother, friend, alto, picture framer and stone carver. Currently, she is the ranch Experiences Manager and can mostly be found in her office).