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Geology of New Mexico Landscapes: The Rocks Tell Many Tales with Albert Shultz and Peter Barkmann – G24050205

May 08 – 12 2024

This 4-day workshop invites participants to explore the origins of iconic landscapes of Northern New Mexico through geologic observation and interpretation.  Inside colorful strata and sparkling crystals are stories of change – the natural processes that have assembled the land itself.  We will explore the Ghost Ranch vicinity with ventures east to the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos and west through the Jemez volcanic field near Los Alamos.  Dress for the outdoors and be prepared for some easy to moderate hiking. 



  • Albert Shultz
    Albert Shultz

    Albert Shultz has lived in Glorieta since 2016. He retired after 24 years as a petroleum geologist and 7 years as a university professor, to return to his northern New Mexico roots. He studied geology at Colorado College and Indiana University, and specializes in sedimentary rocks, from stratigraphy to sandstone petrology to 3D geologic modeling.

    Albert’s geologic projects have addressed the origins of “redbed” conglomerates in Colorado and New Mexico; coastal processes and sea-level change in Alabama; stratigraphy of sandstone outcrops from Utah to Arkansas to Spain to South Africa; and mapping and modeling subsurface geology in 16 countries around the world. He finds wonder and inspiration in all places where the earth’s construction reveals itself — whether through familiar local sights or more exotic locales. Besides maintaining his geologic interests, he is a member of the Santa Fe Stargazers and a board member of the Sangre de Cristo Audubon Society.

  • Peter Barkmann
    Peter Barkmann

    Peter Barkmann, Hydrogeologist-Emeritus, Colorado Geological Survey-Colorado School of Mines

    Peter Barkmann grew up in Northern New Mexico surrounded by amazing geology and scenery. Inspired by this setting he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from Western Washington University and a Master of Science Degree in Geology from the University of Montana. His geological background spans minerals, petroleum, and geothermal exploration; and water resources mapping. Peter joined the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) in 2002 as an expert in groundwater resources. He has also contributed as a lead mapper in the CGS STATEMAP 1:24,000 geologic mapping program.