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Tai Chi and Qui Gong: Internal Energy Cultivation & Activation with Joseph Dudley & Master Paul Ramos G220937

MIND BODY SPIRIT WORKSHOP (5 day) Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing art that cultivates and balances the flow of energy or “Qi” in our bodies. Qigong translates as “energy discipline” and is a system of gentle, graceful movements practiced with mindfulness toward alignment, deep breath cycles and a calm, meditative state of mental relaxation. Qigong is sometimes referred to as Daoyin or “Chinese Yoga”, and may be the movement practice that laid the foundations for the development of Tai Chi Chuan (now also known as Taiji Quan). With deep roots in Chinese traditional medicine and Daoist philosophical traditions and practices, Qigong is a deep and engaging way to release stagnant energy, build physical strength, diminish stress and balance emotional life, ultimately creating a more meaningful connection to ourselves and the world around us. Through this workshop participants will learn two of the most important and foundational Qigong exercises which have been taught and practiced at the SHAOLIN TEMPLE in China for at least 800 years: Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade) Wu Qin Xi (Five Animals Frolics). Students will also have the opportunity to learn basic Tai Chi warm-up exercises, and have the opportunity to see demonstrations of the routines used by various different traditional Tai Chi Quan styles.


At this time masks are optional in indoor spaces. Proof of covid vaccination or negative test within 72 hours of arrival at Ghost Ranch. Both policies are subject to change. Sample: Lodging options for 6-night workshops range from dorm-style $684 to private bath $1,074 which includes room and meals for the first person occupying the room. If you are sharing the room with a family member or trusted travel companion, the second occupant should register for their workshop separately and choose the "commuter" or "2nd+ person sharing a room option" in lieu of a lodging option. This will help ensure that all participants are included in meal counts, and placed in the correct workshop in order to receive the pertinent follow-up information.


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  • Joseph Dudley
    Joseph Dudley

    PHD ecologist with 45 years experience as practitioner and teacher of Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Deep interest in Taoist and Buddhist teachings and physical/spiritual culture practices. Trained in 4 different Chinese monastic martial arts systems, including SHAOLIN TEMPLE traditional Qigong and Kung Fu. Advanced practitioner of Tai Chi (Yang Style and Chen Style).

  • Paul Ramos
    Paul Ramos

    Sifu Paul Ramos – is the Director and Chief Instructor of Wu Shen Tao Health & Martial Arts. In 1971, he began training in Sho Ryn Ryu Okinawan Karate prior to beginning Bronx H.S. of Science in New York City. In 1974 he began studies at Baruch College in New York City. and simultaneously began training in Tomiki Style Aikido, medium and full contact fighting, and Olympic Style Fencing. In 1978, Paul Ramos entered the US Army, training as a combat medic before advancing to higher levels of military medical training. He was stationed in Seoul Korea where he began training in Tae Kwon Do and Silk Weaving Kung Fu in 1979. Upon his return to the U.S. in 1981, he further trained in Medical Surgical practices while also resuming his focus on Olympic Style Saber Fencing. He received National ranking as an Olympic style Saber fencer in 1982.

    From 1983-1992, Paul competed in and medaled at various local, regional and National open martial arts and Fencing tournaments. He also trained heavily in Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and medium to full contact empty hand and weapons fighting. He became Assistant Head Instructor of Tai Chi, Weapons, and full contact fighting at Sun Mi Chuan Kung Fu School in Takoma Park, MD. By 1985 he Co-owned and operated SMC Kung Fu of Silver Spring MD and began training a competition team in Tai Chi Events, while continuing his training in Olympic Saber Fencing and contact sparring. During the years of 1989-1991, he became a 3-time Heavyweight Tai Chi Pushing Hands National Champion.

    Between 1991 and 2000, he trained 8 students who earned 27 US National Champion titles in Tai Chi/Kung Fu form, weapons, and applications. In 1993 and 1994 he trained in Shanghai, China where he and his then top student (George Harris), became 19th Generation disciples of the Wu Dang Long Men (Dragon Gate) school of Taoist martial arts. Since then, Paul has concentrated on Tai Chi, Xing-I, Bagua Zhang, and Wudang martial arts. During 2011-2014, Paul also trained in and completed a 3-year program in Chinese Medicine specializing in Tui Na and Medical Qigong. To date he has produced over 60+ US National Champions in various aspects of Internal Martial Arts as well as World Champions in Tai Chi Chuan and Bagua Zhang.

    For a more complete bio and information on programs offered, visit https://www.dcmdtaichi.com/


Sep 18 - 24 2022



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