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VIRTUAL – The Restoration of Joy

ONLINE EVENT.  10:00 am – Noon MST  Saturdays, October 3, 10 & 24

“Let your joy be in your journey, not in some distant goal.” – Tim Cook

We are living in exceptional times. With all that is happening, how can we remember the restorative joy we knew as children? How can awaken to the spaciousness of possibilities and recognize that we always have choices available to us? The Restoration of Joy

Within each of us, there is an infinite wellspring of joy. Joy and wellbeing abound in nature. We hear it in birdsongs; we see it in a baby’s smile; we behold it at sunrise. Joy is our natural state. Together, we will re-awaken to the joy and wellbeing that allows us to embody spontaneity and flow.

The Restoration of Joy is an experiential journey into the heart of joy and wellbeing. In our three weeks together, we will remember what is essential and important to our wellbeing. We will re-awaken to what feeds and nourishes us in body, mind and spirit. Together, we will learn and experience ourselves in new and refreshing ways. You will remember what it feels like to laugh freely and to embody your joy.

Proceeding under the premise that joy and wellbeing are our natural state, we will remove the mental blocks and scaffolding built over years of life. You will increase the vibrancy and power of your awareness and open your creativity to experience yourself and the world with fresh eyes.

In a safe and supportive container, we will share ritual, meditation journeys and joy practices. The InterPlay wisdom practices of story, movement and voice will help us to remember the power, beauty and wisdom housed in our physical bodies.

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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

You will leave inspired and nourished with a deeper sense of connection to your joy.
You will have new tools and practices to support your journey.
You will have the opportunity to make new friends and create potential practice partners.
You will embody your joy and remember your connection to the wellspring of life.

“We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.” — Joseph Campbell

“Human beings need pleasure the way they need vitamins.” — Lionel Tiger Contemporary Canadian anthropologist

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  • Marla Durden
    Marla Durden

    Marla Durden is an artist, healer, teacher and entrepreneur. She has facilitated circles and transformational life experiences for individuals and groups for 20 years as a wisdom-centered coach + healer in private practice. An InterPlay Leader in Training, Marla has performed InterPlay in Seattle and in Toronto, Canada at the Parliament of World Religions. She brings her deep connection to the spirit of the ancestors and expertise in using simple rituals, sacred geometry, quantum coherence and the power of intention to create sacred space where anything is possible. Marla enjoys world-wide travel, connecting with her indigenous roots, vocal improvisation and working globally to improve the lives of women, girls and their families.


Oct 03 2020

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