And here it is, the 2023 listing of workshops and events. 

When the title is linked, the workshop is open for registration. We’ll be opening all registration soon. Send notes of interest to

February 8-12 (Wednesday to Sunday)

  1. Hold Me Tight: Marriage Building Retreat (Elene Johas-Teener)

February 10-12 (Friday to Sunday)

  1. Valentine’s Weekend Celebration

February 19-25 Art of Justice Retreat (Sunday to Saturday) 

  1. Expressing Environmental Ethics Through Painting (Laurie Balliet)
  2. Mosaics: Peace by Piece (Kathy Thaden)
  3. Using Art in the Church’s Healing Ministries (Rev. Brenda Grauer)
  4. Writing Wild: A Poetry Writing Intensive (Pam Uschuk)
  5. Quilt Your Cause (Karena Koeberle Wells)
  6. Recharging Your Inner Justice (Laurie Magoon)

April 23-28 New Beginnings Spring Week (Sunday to Friday)

  1. Ghost Ranch Getaway (Laurie Magoon)
  2. Pastels in the Painted Desert (Julia Crownover)
  3. Soul Journal: Art, Poetry, Prose & Prayer (Dr. Rosemary Kaszans)
  4. Spring Colors in Digital Photography (David Kadlec)
  5. Writing in Thin Places (Carol Lea Clark)
  6. TruGreen Pottery (Barbara Campbell)

May 10-14 Southwest Classics and Bluegrass Camp (Wednesday to Sunday)

  1. Bluegrass Camp for Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass, Banjo (Bluegrass Team)
  2. Hiking the Harmonies (Connie Burkhart)
  3. Silversmithing: Bolos and Bangles (Jamie Halpern)
  4. Bird Watching at Ghost Ranch (Raymond Buskirk)
  5. Cowboy Hat Making (To be confirmed – Thunderbird Hats)

Estudio Corazon: Artist in Residence Program

Open to artists and writers by application.

May 13-26 (two weeks)
June 1-28
August 3-30
September 4-October 1
October 4-31

May 18-22 Museum Series Excursion (Thursday to Monday)

  1. Chacoan World Excursion (Dr. Martha Yates)

June 4-10 Literally Letters Calligraphy Festival and More (Sunday to Saturday) – dates to be confirmed

  1. It’s a Sign! Creative & Practical Approaches to Casual Sign Writing, Layout, and Design (Heather Martinez)
  2. Wonky Books & Curious Letters (Elizabeth McKee)
  3. Beginning Black Letter – Gothic (Kate Van Dyke)
  4. Black and White Darkroom Photography (Kent Bowser)
  5. Writing the Journey (Catherine Watson)
  6. Beginning Watercolor Inspired by Ghost Ranch (Rita Randolph)

June 25-30 Youth Week (Sunday to Friday)

July 2-7 Family Week (Sunday to Friday)

Family Week is a holiday for families of all kinds. Mornings are spent together in workshops, afternoons are free time, and evenings are community fun time. A list of morning workshops can be found on the website—a different one is taken each morning.

July 9-15 Festival of the Arts I (Sunday to Saturday)

  1. Micaceous Clay: Utilitarian Ware (Clarence Cruz)
  2. Fire It Up Welding (Connie Burkhart and David Kadlec)
  3. Tapestry in the Southwest (Rose Vigil)
  4. Southwest Silver Jewelry (Jamie Halpern and Susie Sawin)
  5. Puddle Play: Gouache (Juliana Crownover)
  6. R&R Life Rhythm (Susan Weber)
  7. Archaeological Dig (Brad Vierra and Maisie Morris)
  8. Ghost Ranch Chorale (Adam Waite)
  9. Painting a Story: Mexican Ex-Voto Style (Guillermo Delgado)
  10. A Mosaics Sampler (Kathy Thaden)
  11. Senior High Initiative: Darkroom & Digital (Liz Arenberg)
  12. Adult Service Corps
  13. Summer Venture

July 16-22 Festival of the Arts II (Sunday to Saturday)

  1. Woodcarving (Stan Peterson)
  2. Hardcore Hiking (Jessie Fisher and Erin Fish)
  3. Raku Pottery (Barbara Campbell)
  4. Advance Quilting (Ronnie Ashford)
  5. Art Welding (Connie Burkhart and David Kadlec)
  6. Stone, Shell and Silver (Jamie Halpern and Susie Sawin)
  7. Pastels in the Painted Desert (Juliana Crownover)
  8. Weaving Where U R (Suzanne Halvorson and Sarah Noggle)
  9. Stained Glass (Joseph Cavalieri)
  10. Ranch in Digital (Liz Arenberg)
  11. Archaeological Dig (Brad Vierra and Maisie Morris)
  12. Senior High Adventure (Laurie Magoon)
  13. Adult Service Corps
  14. Summer Venture

July 23-28 Festival of the Arts III (Sunday to Friday)

  1. Improv (Jessie Gray)
  2. Weaving Where U R (Sarah Noggle)
  3. Stained Glass (Joseph Cavalieri)
  4. Creating Liturgy (Rev. Brenda Grauer)
  5. TruGreen Pottery (Barbara Campbell)
  6. Maps, Journeys and Geographies (Anita Skeen and Colleen Anderson)
  7. Tuning to the Desert (Jessie Fisher and Cameron Newell)
  8. Gospel Chorus (Todd and Linda O’Neal)
  9. Print Making (Julianna Kirwin)
  10. Fly Fishing (David Kadlec and David Poole)
  11. Silversmith Studio: Individual (Jamie Halpern and Susie Sawin)
  12. Landscape Sketching in Watermedia (Julianna Crownover)
  13. Adult Service Corps
  14. Sew Happy (Ronnie Ashford)
  15. Senior High Initiative: Weld & Wander (Connie Burkhart)
  16. Summer Venture

July 31- August 3 Community Camp (Monday to Thursday)

September 3-7 Healing and Wholeness (Sunday to Thursday)

  1. Stone Carving (Robin Keck)
  2. Intentional Hiking: Carrying the Sacred (Laurie Magoon)
  3. Dance (Emma Nichols-Payne)
  4. Art Journaling (Dr. Rosemary Kaszans)
  5. Write and Release: Writing and Yoga (Jaime Grechika and Emily Hyland)

September 17-23 Masters Week (Sunday to Saturday)

  1. Women and Welding (Connie Burkhart)
  2. Mastering Silver (Jamie Halpern and Steve LaRance)
  3. Photography (Sandy Kaplan)
  4. Chimayo Weaving (Lisa Trujillo)
  5. Artist’s Book: Short Forms and Deep Play (Joan Logghe)
  6. Series: A Painting Progression (Juliana Crownover)
  7. Pottery (Barbara Campbell)
  8. Stone Carving (Robin Keck)

October 7-13 Fall Festival of the Arts I (Saturday to Friday)

  1. Poetry: Caught in the Throat by the Joy (Anita Skeen)
  2. Beauty in Brevity (Colleen Anderson)
  3. Writing the 10 Minute Play (Kate Snodgrass)
  4. Practically Painting O’Keeffe (Anna Koster)
  5. Ghost Ranch Landscape Quilts (Karena Koeberle-Wells)
  6. Art Welding (David Kadlec and Tom Nichols)
  7. Photography (Sandy Kaplan)
  8. Art of Aging (Marcia Aldrich)

October 15-20 (Sunday to Friday)

  1. Flyfishing (David Kadlec and Tom Nichols)
  2. Healing Grief with the Sacred Wheel (Cheryl Downey)

October 22-27 Fall Festival of the Arts II (Sunday to Friday)

  1. Writing (Anita Skeen)
  2. Body Language (Colleen Anderson)
  3. Silver Mementos (Jamie Halpern and Katrina Jameson)
  4. Celebrating Women (Susan Weber and Kelly Finnerty)
  5. Plein Air (Natasha Isenhour)
  6. Writing Wild: A Poetry Writing Intensive (Pam Uschuk)
  7. Have Watercolors, Will Travel (Deborah Rubin)
  8. Painting with Saint Francis (Pat Catlett)

October 29-November 3 (Casa del Sol, Sunday to Friday)

  1. Creative Retreat for Days of the Dead (Helen Byers)

November 5-11 (Sunday to Saturday)

  1. Writers Roundup (by application) (Lesley Poling-Kempes) TBD

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