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Healing Grief with the Sacred Wheel with Cheryl Downey G231052

This course is  entitled “Healing Grief Around the Sacred Wheel” for many reasons. The Sacred Wheel and the powers of the four directions are ancient and profound tools for deepening self-awareness and bringing healing balance to the flow of life energies. Movement around the Wheel honors each one’s uniqueness of culture, personality, and faith perspective; and is a powerful non-judgmental guide for exploring and understanding one’s personal energies of grief – whether old or young, experiencing current or past loss, or anticipating future life transitions. The Wheel is meant to move – and so is grief! – and both will do so at the pace that is right for each of us. There is no right or wrong way to do this, as there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

The course will bring participants into the four major healing aspects of their own grief experience by spending a day in each direction: South (Physical/Earth); West (Emotions/Relationships/Dreaming/Water); North (Spirit/Air/Wind); East (Mind/Fire) ending in the Center (Heart). Teachings, reflections and guided visualizations on the land (when possible and weather permitting) are typically 9:00 – noon, followed by lunch and free time until dinner (5:30 – 6:30). On Tuesday we take a field trip to Abiquiu Lake and Rio Chama for our work in the West with Water. There is the additional possibility of traveling on to the hot springs of Ojo Caliente for the afternoon ($50 individual day-spa fee). Evening sessions are typically 7:00 – 8:30pm in the retreat room for circle-sharing and artwork.

In addition to daily journaling, each participant will be creating sacred art ongoing (absolutely no artistic skill or experience needed and no judgement). This year each will break a small pot of their choice in the opening session, and then recreate/regenerate it through the week as their “Healing Vessel.” In addition, each will receive a small blank cotton pouch to decorate and hold symbols of what each is releasing. The Healing Vessel will return home as a reminder of griefhealing that emerges through brokenness into strength and new creation. The “Fire Pouches” with their grief-related symbolic contents will be released to the Sacred Fire for transformation in ceremony Thursday evening.

A note about Friday morning, November 4. 1) All participants must have their bags packed and bed linens stripped and placed in a pillowcase outside their room by 10:00am. (There is time before and after breakfast and our closing session from 9:00 – 10:00 to accomplish this.) Participants who need to do so may use the retreat room for their luggage. 2) The Ghost Ranch shuttle to Santa Fe leaves at 8:30am, for anyone who needs to take it, but the closing session will be missed. Most participants typically have their own vehicles, so do not need the shuttle. 3) The closing session Friday morning begins at 9:00am sharp for blessing ceremony and dismantling the altar in a sacred way so as to be out of our space by 10:00am. 4) A reminder: breakfast is included on the 20th but lunch is not.

There is no pre-requisite knowledge or preparation for this griefhealing work. Participants may be any age (18+) having experienced any loss(es) – including loss of a loved one through death or illness, loss of relationship through break-up or divorce, home, job, career, health, community – and need only to be willing to start their own journey around the Sacred Wheel.


5-Night Program Package Price (Includes Lodging, Tuition and Meals):

  • Private Room – $1,696
  • Semi-Private Room – $1,596
  • Dorm – $1,321
  • Suite – $1,871 to $2,371
  • Campsite/RV – $1,046 to $1,096

*Pricing for Single Occupancy


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Communal/dorm: There is a communal bathroom/shower in the lodging building and participants will need to exit their room to reach these facilities.

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  • Cheryl Downey
    Cheryl Downey

    Cheryl Downey, M.Div., Minister of Sacred Arts, has been guiding and supporting those with grieving hearts for 35 years as a former hospital and hospice chaplain (ordained UCC). Since 2000 she has also trained, practiced and mentored women and men in spiritual healing and the sacred arts from within universal shamanic teachings that empower the wisdom of woman and nature. After retiring from hospice in 2013, Cheryl founded the Sacred Wheel Center for Grief and Healing as a safe “space” for grief-hearted ones to explore the deep mysteries of their grief, to see themselves through their own grief mirrors and to discover the hidden truth and beauty at the heart of their healing.

    Among other shamanic healing tools and sacred arts, the Sacred Wheel is an ancient and simple tool for illuminating and shifting deeply held, blocked or knotted energies within the four basic directional aspects of our grieving self: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Whether experiencing acute or long-held losses of loved ones or pets, or life transitions such as loss of job, home, physical health, or empty nest, the Wheel turns at the pace you need and can trust. Cheryl has a private practice in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and has led workshops, seminars and retreats, in addition to individual sessions, including a four-day Grief-Healing Spa Retreat. She is the author of “Emerging from the Dark: Grief Around the Sacred Wheel” which is nearing publication.


Oct 15 - 20 2023

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