July 2024

Yoga: Calling the Spirit Back with Edie Tsong – G2407046

This 5-day yoga retreat combines the wisdom of Joy Harjo’s poetry with the yogic concepts of the five koshas (the five sheaths). Each morning we explore one kosha and build sequentially to dynamic standing and balancing asana. Evenings are for gentle floor-based yoga. Classes include meditation and pranayama. Practices are designed with a sense of […] ...
21 - 27 Jul
August 2024

The Neuroscience of Optimism with Ellen Petry Leanse – G24080205

Optimism: is it something some people have and others don’t? Or a skill that can be learned and practiced – one that delivers significant results?  Neuroscience educator Ellen Petry Leanse is here to tell you that optimism can be a practice: that you can use the power of neuroscience to cultivate a mindset of optimism […] ...
04 - 09 Aug

Interconnectedness: Ecology, Health and Environmental Sustainability with Chris Monovich – G24080214

This program provides learners with increased knowledge of ecological principles that apply not only to “Nature” but to our human population, including our health, and are the basis for sound environmental sustainability practices. We live in an interconnected world. In this workshop, participants will  … Enjoy a mix of interactive classroom learning and discussions as […] ...
04 - 09 Aug

The Neuroscience of Creativity with Ellen Petry Leanse – G24080206

You were born creative: full of curiosity and imagination. Yet somewhere along the path, maybe you feel like you lost that spark.  You’re not alone. And if you’re like most people – whether they’re artists, business people, educators, or people simply wanting more satisfaction in their lives – you want more of that creative force […] ...
09 - 11 Aug
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