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The Neuroscience of Creativity with Ellen Petry Leanse – G24080206

Aug 09 – 11 2024

You were born creative: full of curiosity and imagination. Yet somewhere along the path, maybe you feel like you lost that spark. 

You’re not alone. And if you’re like most people – whether they’re artists, business people, educators, or people simply wanting more satisfaction in their lives – you want more of that creative force back in your life. 

Using methods proven with dozens of entrepreneurs and business leaders, artists and designers, authors, and others looking to think and create with more imagination, neuroscience educator Ellen Petry Leanse will guide a weekend intensive delivering creativity boosts you can actively apply to your work, play, and relationships. With hands-on practices, breakthrough insights into neuroscience, and inspiring case studies, she’ll share techniques proven in her popular Stanford University course, “The Neuroscience of Creativity and Innovation,” along with memorable ways to harness the capacities of your creative brain. 



  • Ellen Petry Leanse
    Ellen Petry Leanse

    Author, Stanford instructor, and digital pioneer Ellen Petry Leanse harnesses learning from 35 years as a Silicon Valley insider in her work as a leadership guide and organizational innovator.

    An alum of early Apple, she served on the Macintosh launch team and championed the company’s groundbreaking 1985 debut into digital environments. Her work since then has spanned entrepreneurship, investing, and leadership coaching – experiences fueled by a growing commitment to integrating neuroscience, psychology, and wisdom practices into the world of business. Her popular Stanford courses guided hundreds of students to “think different” about professional and life satisfaction and the potential of business to create positive change.

    A respected Silicon Valley influencer and globally-known speaker, Ellen is passionate about intentional living and brain-aware practices that increase well-being and impact. She’s been featured on CNN and the Today Show, in Time Magazine, Health, Vogue.com, Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur, and as a contributor to Thrive Global. Today, as Chief People Officer of Lucidworks, she guides values-driven contribution and growth for a global community focused on the future of search. Her bestselling book “The Happiness Hack” shares science-backed paths to building focus, connection, and satisfaction.