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Navigating Paths of Transition in Life’s Journeys with Jeannie Bowman – G240151

Jan 28 2024 – Feb 02 2024

This course is based on Jeannie Bowman’s personal history of transitioning as well as her being currently engaged in a professional practice which focuses on people who are facing transition and change.  In her many years as trained educator and spiritual director, Jeannie’s work centers on the subject of major change – that of debilitating disease through working with cancer patients, of transitioning from working to retired status, loss of a close relationship, and the many issues that have now begun to surface as we are emerging from isolation and fears of the coronavirus pandemic into a world fraught with climate change, war and hostility.

The class will use many practical and useful strategies for coping, spiritual practices for releasing and healing the past, recognizing the in-between times, rituals for letting go, meditation, and writing.  Supporting the physical, mental, and spiritual approaches may be helpful in maneuvering successful passage through these transitions.

Join us in exploring the concept of navigating paths as we continue to face change in a world of unknowns, and a recognition of what will be the “new normal.”

As you walk along the sacred Earth, treat each step as a prayer – Black Elk (Ogalala-Lakota Sioux)



  • Jeannie Bowman

    Jeannie Bowman is a wife, a mother, a contemplative — happily living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her background includes Quaker educator, practice as spiritual companion, worship and retreat leader, and spiritual formation teacher.  She is a graduate of the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction, Tucson, AZ.

    Prayer, scripture studies, Quaker clearance committees, liturgy, and sacred music have developed her heart for holy listening and discernment of the Spirit at work in herself and in the lives of those with whom she is engaged in spiritual direction experiences.  Journaling is a part of her daily spiritual discipline.

    She is a member of Spiritual Directors International, an Elder in the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), enjoys facilitating cancer support workshop A New Song to Sing (Linda L. Loving), is a Ghost Ranch faculty member, and an avid handbell ringer.  When she is not teaching, singing or ringing, you will likely find her walking a familiar trail, working in her garden, or having tea with a friend.