Archaeology, Geology & Paleontology

June 2024

chacoan world road trip with Dr. Martha yates – G24060101

This Workshop is Full. If interested please call 505.685.1016 or 505.685.1000 ext 4330 to be added to a waitlist. Join Dr. Martha Yates in an exploration of Ghost Ranch and Chaco Canyon and delve into the Chaco Phenomenon. Explore its ancient astronomical observatories, mysteries, and its various wonders in this cultural immersion. ...
02 - 06 Jun
August 2024

Paleontology Workshop at Ghost Ranch with Randall Irmis and Nathan Smith – G24080207

This program invites participants of all backgrounds to step into the world of paleontology at the world renowned quarries at Ghost Ranch. Hands-on Fossil Excavation: Under the guidance of expert paleontologists, participants will learn essential excavation techniques as they unearth fossils from the rich geological deposits of Ghost Ranch. Laboratory Analysis: Take a closer look at the fossil specimens you’ve […] ...
04 - 10 Aug

Geology of New Mexico Landscapes: The Rocks Tell Many Tales with Albert Shultz and Peter Barkmann – G24080209

This 4-day workshop invites participants to explore the origins of iconic landscapes of Northern New Mexico through geologic observation and interpretation.  Inside colorful strata and sparkling crystals are stories of change – the natural processes that have assembled the land itself.  We will explore the Ghost Ranch vicinity with ventures east to the Rio Grande […] ...
04 - 09 Aug
All Day

Day of Geologic Exploration with Albert Shultz and Peter Barkmann – G24080210

This day hike is a setting in which to discuss the geologic history and changing environments of Ghost Ranch.  A leisurely climb through a part of the stratal record allows panoramic views of the Piedra Lumbre valley and some up-close examination of its colorful rocks.  An ancient savannah and desert were followed by a shoreline […] ...
09 - 11 Aug
All Day
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