2018 Ghost Ranch Calendar Photo Contest Winners

Once again, thanks to all who participated in the calendar contest fundraiser!

The 2018 Calendar Photo Contest results are in. Thanks so much to all who supported this fun fundraiser by submitting photos and placing votes. The judges picked the images with the most votes and unique content or perspective recognizable as Ghost Ranch, as well as considering the resolution and printing quality of the images. A few of the images are fun but could be taken anywhere. Others were beautiful but the image quality for printing the calendar is less than the required resolution.

Congratulations to Jesse Fisher for his winning dramatic, winter white image “Winter Over Chimney Rock” It will be featured as the 2018 calendar cover image.

Other winners include Red Rocks with Day Moon by Jeff Beeman; Chimney Rock by Tracy Counts; Ghost Ranch Sunset by Alan Kamil; Coming Storm by Kristin Drake; Sunset Sky by Bill Burke; Majestic Colors by Jan Burley; Rays at the Ranch by Eric Krumheuer; Ghost Ranch Artist by Pat Jacobs; In the Mountains Embrace by Edward Peck; Varied Sky by Chuck Kirchner; Green Truck & Mesa by Betsy Wall; Hay Barn by Greg Piazza; and Kitchen Mesa & Pedernal by Yoni Mayeri.

Calendars will be available in the Trading Post soon.





















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