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Finding the Spirit of Place – Photography – G2007113

Ready to take the next step in your photography? Learn to “see” the world around you through the camera’s eye, and create amazing photographic images. Simply put, photography is light. It’s important to see it and learn to control it through camera settings. In the digital age, photography is more dynamic in what can be captured in a picture. Our cameras are able to capture both low light and high light situations. To create a photograph, this is combined with our knowledge of our camera’s settings. Exposure and composition combine together to make the photograph a true representation of the photographer’s vision through management of light, color, and highlight/shadow. This class includes the formulas and techniques to create dynamic photographs, and the importance of equipment choices. Different lens focal lengths change the depth of field recorded by the camera. This is an important piece of creating a story-telling photographic image. Discussions include in-camera techniques and digital darkroom adjustments. The digital darkroom is basically the photo lab of the film days of photography. We will learn basic techniques, along with the best software and best hardware choices. This is where the photographer adjusts the photograph to match his/her visual representation of the scene/subject. It is as important as in-camera techniques to create the picture. Class includes time to practice these new concepts and techniques through practice and assignments. Questions are encouraged both in-class, and during practice times. Each class includes time for review / critique of students work. The feedback helps clarify the concepts of the class, and encourages creativity. We will cover: *Seeing Examples of concepts through visual presentation *Learning how to “see” and “seeing” techniques *Creativity is encouraged *Exposure & composition (basic to advanced depending on level of student) *Equipment & how to select which pieces to use *Learn visual story-telling and finding inner vision *Planning and accomplishing the photographic concepts *Color or Black & White? What works best with the photograph’s concept *Experimenting with visual concepts *Connecting with the subject or place *In-camera techniques for better photographs *Digital Darkroom techniques
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  • Karen Ulvestad
    Karen Ulvestad

    Karen Ulvestad is a professional photographer, author, and Reiki Master Teacher. She blends her talents into her latest project Color Therapy Squared, a series of macro floral images created for uses with meditation and spiritual healing. She approaches photography as an art form, which reflects our inner state. Photography is an amazing vehicle for meditation and healing. It allows us to focus on the world, giving us a new perspective to find solutions to our life challenges.

    She was born and raised in Seattle, enveloped in the amazing environment of the Pacific Northwest. She developed a love for wildlife and the outdoors at a young age through camping and hiking with her family. Her love affair with the camera started as a teenager, and grew when she became an adult. Her passion is photographing birds in flight.

    Her teaching experience spans over 20 years, and she is part-time faculty at Edmonds Community College, a workshop leader, and teaches photography locally to all ages (5 to adult). Her experience includes teaching at birding festivals, Sitka Center for Arts & Ecology in Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville, WA.

    Her commercial work includes product images for small companies, commercial real estate, and head-shots. Several places represent her work including: MaJe Gallery, 500px.com, and Alamy. Her prints are collected nationally, and commercially printed internationally.


Jul 19 2020 - Jul 25 2020


Arrival & Departure Dates - Check-in & Check-out times
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm


$775.00 - $1,540.00
Española Valley Fiber Arts Center
Make O'Keeffe part of your New Mexico experience

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