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What day/time does the workshop start and end?

In-person workshops begin with check-in at 3:00 p.m. with a ranch orientation in the evening following dinner on the first date listed for the course and end at 10:00 a.m. with checkout on the last date listed. 

Virtual workshops each follow a specialized schedule noted above in the description.

What is double occupancy and single occupancy lodging?
  • All-inclusive rates for our workshops include double occupancy lodging, meaning that we will have two participants per room. During this covid period, all overnight lodging will be single occupancy without an upgrade fee.
What is the difference between a room with private bath, a room with semi-private or shared bath, and a room with communal/dorm bath?
  • Private refers to the type of bathroom, not single occupancy.
    Until further notice, all guests will be assigned single occupancy with access to their own dedicated bathroom without an additional charge.
    • Private: There is a bathroom in that one room that is not shared between or with any other rooms.
    • Semi-private/shared: There is a bathroom in between two rooms that is shared by the occupants of the two rooms, remember Jack and Jill bathrooms.
    • Communal/dorm: There is a communal bathroom/showers in the lodging building (or in a nearby building, for some upper mesa dorm rooms), and participants exit their room to reach these facilities.
Are meals included in the price listed for workshop registration?
  • Yes, meals are included in the all-inclusive rates for rooms with private baths, shared baths (semi-private rooms) and communal baths (dorm-style lodging). During covid, meals will be served for guests in the Dining Hall following NM Safe Best Practices. Indoor seating has been reduced to meet current state mandates and outdoor seating is abundant.
  • Exceptions
    • Commuters: Commuters are participants who are not staying in ranch lodging. This price includes lunches only. Breakfast and dinner are not included.
    • Campers: Option
      • They may choose a package with or without all meals
      • Meals may be purchased individually either at the Welcome Center prior to the meal or at the Dining Hall during the meal (during summer and fall seasons).
      • Adult Service Corps: The Adult Service Corps tuition covers dorm-style lodging and lunches only. Meals may be purchased individually either at the Welcome Center prior to the meal or at the Dining Hall during the meal (during summer and fall seasons).
What if I don’t want the meals that are included in the all-inclusive rate?
  • Due to the volume of guests that join us, unused meals are not refunded.
I eat a vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free (etc.) diet. What are my meal options?
  • The ranch Dining Hall serves three meals a day on a fixed schedule. We offer a vegetarian option at each meal. While the Dining Hall offers gluten-free items and vegan dishes at some meals, we cannot guarantee that these options will be available for each meal. If it is necessary for a guest to eat a specific diet or if a guest has food allergies, the surest option is to bring personal food items to the ranch. Note this need in your registration info.
What if I have more than 2 people sharing a room – is there a discount?
  • During this covid period, we recommend that only family units or partners share a room.
  • Non-Covid Policy
    • Our prices are based on double occupancy lodging and we do offer a discount if there are three or more people sharing any given room.
      • 3+ adults: The first two adults in a room will pay the full price of the all inclusive registration rate for their given lodging tier (private, shared or communal bath). The third and subsequent adults sharing that room will pay 60% of the private all-inclusive rate for the workshop.
      • 2 adults and 1+ child(ren): The first two adults in a room will pay the full price and any subsequent children will be charged the appropriate Youth Programming fee; if a child chooses to participate in a workshop other than Youth Programming, that child will be charged 50% of the all-inclusive private rate for the workshop.
      • 1 adult and 2+ children: If there is one adult in a room and more than one child, the adult will pay the full all-inclusive rate for their course and children will pay the applicable Youth Programming fee, or 50% of the all-inclusive private bath rate if youth choose to take a workshop other than Youth Programming.
      • 1 adult and 1 child: If there is one adult in a room and only one child in a room, the same rates as above apply. The one exception to this is if there is  one adult and only one child in a private room, in which case we will charge a single occupancy upgrade of $50 per night. All other lodging tiers (shared bath or communal bathrooms) will not have the $50 supplemental fee.
What if I want to arrive a day early or stay a day late?
  • Early arrivals or late departures outside of the regular program course dates are billed at the regular overnight stay rate.
    • There will also be a $5 conservation fee per person. Overnight stays include breakfast in the Dining Hall.
    • Other meals may not be available at times when there are no workshops in progress. When available, you can purchase additional meals prior to arrival or at the front desk upon arrival.
    • Important: Workshop meals start with dinner on the start date.
What if I’m taking two weeks of courses in a row, or a weekend workshop followed by a weeklong workshop? Is my stay on Saturday included in my tuition?
  • During this covid period there are no opportunities to do two weeks of workshops in a row. 
  • Under a traditional workshop season, yes, we do offer a “bridge night” for Program participants who will be taking two consecutive courses – one that ends on a Saturday and one that begins on a Sunday. The Saturday night between the two workshops is free and participants may continue to eat meals in the Dining Hall.
  • On rare occasions, a guest’s room from one event will not be available the next week and a guest will need to switch rooms. We will make every effort to allow guests to stay in the same room for consecutive weeks, but this is not guaranteed.
What if I leave early or arrive late? May I receive a discount for the days I am not here?
  • An individual may choose to leave before the end of the program or arrive after the program has started, but we are unable to offer any discounts for days missed. 
What will the schedule be?

Please note that these are general schedules and that some instructors will choose to alter these hours. Guests will receive a welcome letter prior to the start of their course detailing the specific schedule of the course and any particular hours there might be field trips, studio time, etc.

  • Weeklong: Many of our weeklong courses follow a general pattern of morning workshop time (9:00 a.m. to noon) with afternoons free or with optional afternoon open studio and then additional course time in the evenings (7:00 – 8:30 p.m.). 
  • Weekend: Our weekend offerings have more course time during the day because of the shorter overall length of the program. The first course session is usually on the evening of the guest’s arrival, following a ranch orientation. There is typically a course session in the morning on Saturday from 9:00 a.m.-noon and again in the afternoon from about 1:00-3:00 p.m., then resumes in the evening from about 7:00-8:30 p.m. There is a concluding session on Sunday morning from about 9:00-11:00 a.m.
How do I get to Casa del Sol?
  • Casa del Sol is our spiritual retreat center located two miles off the main ranch property in a restricted area of the ranch. Workshops and retreats conducive to small groups are scheduled. Workshops held here will be clearly marked in the event registration information.
  • The shuttle will drop you and your belongings at Casa del Sol after you have checked in and will collect you and your belongings on your departure day.
  • Most meals are on the main campus while program activities occur at Casa del Sol.
  • For transportation during the rest of the course, participants without vehicles rely on carpooling with other program participants or the program instructor (or walking – it’s a beautiful 40-50 minute walk through the Painted Desert!). There is no ranch shuttle to get back and forth from Casa del Sol.
  • Casa del Sol is on a restricted area of the ranch.

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