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The Master’s Road: Learning to Master Landscape and Environmental Portraiture – G190748

Workshop ID: G190748
Dates: September 15 - September 20
Price: $565.00 - $1,285.00

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How often have you been inspired by the majesty of a great vista, yet frustrated with the photographic results? You see it and feel it but the final photograph always seems to fall short. Or, do you have people whose faces inspire you and you want to include them in their environment to help tell their story but once again are frustrated by the results? Delve deeply into every aspect of creating masterpiece images. Choose the correct camera equipment and proper settings for your personal vision. Leave fully equipped to handle any situation in your photographic pursuits. Learn more at

Watch George’s video below! (Note the dates on the video are incorrect; the correct dates for this retreat are September 15 – September 20.)



Package Price
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Private Bath$1,285.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Communal Bath$995.00
Camping RV$700.00
Camping w/Electricity$670.00
Rio Arriba Commuter$565.00
George DeLoache

George DeLoache is a master portrait artist, a legend of portraiture who has been commissioned by discriminating clients for over 40 years. The awards, accolades and honors that George has received are too many to list


To download a PDF of the Welcome Letter, click here: Masters Road Welcome Letter


I am George and I will be your instructor for the Landscape and Environmental Portrait workshop Sept 15th through the 20th. I am very excited about the workshop and look forward to meeting you in-person. It is going to be an exciting and fun week. 

Having attended many workshops over the years I can guess you are wondering just what to bring and what we will be covering. First, relax. The main goal is to help everyone improve from whatever level of photography they are. It is more important to learn to see and understand the components of an artistic and inspiring photography rather than what equipment you now own. Bring what you have. If you own a wide-angle lens and a mid-telephoto or zoom lens then that is good enough. The photographer creates the photograph, not the gear. If you are advanced then you probably already know what to bring. The point is we will take everyone from whatever level they are and help them to reach for the next level creatively. 

We will be doing some post-production and retouching on the images you create so if you have a laptop and a way to read and download your files from your card that will be a big help for you to learn your software. 

One piece of gear that will be invaluable that you may not have thought of is a flashlight. I personally prefer the type that fit on a headband and can be worn like the Black Diamond available from Amazon. This will allow you to use both of your hands and direct a beam forward when walking in low light. Remember to bring spare batteries for the light and a backup card for you camera. 

Please feel free to email me any questions you might have. I know we will have a wonderful week.

All The Best,


This workshop has passed.

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