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Lenten Soul Tending in the High Desert – G200311CDS

Workshop ID: G200311
Dates: March 1 - March 6
Price: $595.00 - $1,275.00

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Lent, traditionally a soul-searching, penitential season to prepare for Easter resurrection, is a time to peel away the unnecessary, distill meaning and live into what is most important. Come explore and nourish your inner landscape and wellbeing while awakening joy and healing in the stillness and raw beauty of the New Mexico High Desert.
Based upon the 2018 book by Rev. Anita Amstutz, Soul Tending: Journey into the Heart of Sabbath, this retreat invites communities or individuals into themes of “Sabbath Mind”- simplicity, prayer, hospitality, play, nature as companion, creativity and re-imagining our work in the world.
“Sabbath is threshold time. The Celts called it “thin time”. It is a space and place where the veil between worlds is either ripped away or billows out before us as a gauzy, shimmering invitation. She asks us to step deeper into the mysteries of our inner landscape…into the landscapes around us that we usually do not notice. It is a time for rest, prayer, worship, art, song, music, sex, silence, loved ones, and food. Nature is a wonderful Sabbath companion.”
This retreat takes place at Casa del Sol, away from the main ranch, which provides quiet and safe space for work that engages spirit and focus, dedicated to deep spiritual and artistic contemplation.


Package Price
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Communal Bath$855.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Private Bath$1,275.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Shared Bath$1,265.00
Anita Amstutz

Reverend Anita Amstutz is an ordained Mennonite minister who has led congregations in the Rio Grande watershed and Rocky Mountain region for over 16 years. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she works ecumenically with the


Click to download a PDF of this Soul Tending Letter

Dear Soul Tenders,

Do you need a break from the frenzy of your life, the political despair, cultural division and current events of our time?

Welcome to the High Desert of Northern New Mexico and the mysteries and rich beauty of this place. Come and unplug for a time. The treasures of this time will delight both body and soul.

Please click here to view a presentation about this retreat.

Lenten Retreat 

In the Judaeo-Christian traditions, Sabbath has been a time of “ceasing work” and rest.

It is a place of coming home to your soul and the gifts of Sabbath within community. A place of peace, simplicity, hospitality, creativity and joy.

Join us as we begin our journey on Sunday evening, March 1, 2020 “Coming Home to Our Souls” and journey deeper into the Heart of Sabbath each day through Friday, March 6.

  • What Makes Your Heart Sing? Sabbath Simplicity and Joy
  • Nature as Sabbath Companion
  • Sabbath Resistance and Re-imagination of Work
  • Sabbath Healing, Wholeness, and Shalom

Our time is based upon my book Soul Tending: Journey into the Heart of Sabbath

All that is needed is a willing heart and readiness to travel light.

Hope to see you there!

Rev. Anita Amstutz


Greetings Soul Tending friends,

Soon we will be together in a timeless place, on a land that is filled with beauty, peace and the solace of time away. We will come together in this very special season of Lent, to begin to strip away those things that are not important and remember what is. I anticipate meeting each of you and learning more about who you are, where you come from, what is on your heart, as we share the gifts of Sabbath soul tending. A few things….

Where are we staying? Ghost Ranch is one of the few centers I have experienced where the space truly does invite you to relax and unwind – even before your retreat starts. The land speaks. We will be staying at Casa Del Sol, the Ghost Ranch dedicated spirituality center. Casa del Sol was built in the 30’s or 40’s as a traditional hacienda style with central courtyard, open “hallways” and a cozy gathering space. I can’t wait to share it with you. Most rooms have shared bathrooms but each of you will have your own room.

So what are we doing? The Basic outline for each day 8-9am Breakfast (either at Casa Del Sol or Main Camp) 9-12 Morning Session 12-5 Lunch at Main Camp and free time 5-6pm Dinner at Main Camp 7-8 Evening Sharing around the fire or other events

What themes are we addressing? • Coming Home to our Souls • What makes Your Heart Sing? Sabbath Simplicity and Joy • Nature as Sabbath Companion • Sabbath as Peaceful Resistance and Reimagining • Sabbath Healing, Wholeness and Shalom

What to bring? Bring a journal.
Bring an item/symbol that represents either the state of your soul or what you long for.
Linens are provided, please bring toiletries.
Check the weather. Usually cold and brisk this time of year, afternoon warms a bit. Bring layers and a jacket (hat and gloves maybe if you are hiking.) If you want to check the weather, use Abiquiu, NM.

What else? We will be using Soul Tending: Journey into the Heart of Sabbath as our primary resource for each session, which is available for purchase online.

Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly!

I am eager to be together at Casa Del Sol.

Anita Amstutz
Soul Tending: Journey into the Heart of Sabbath

This workshop has passed.

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