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Welding for Women with Connie B. Burkhart – G24090501

Sep 29 2024 – Oct 05 2024

Join our “welding-in-the-round” circle of women and experience the thrill of metal art welding surrounded by the incredible beauty of Ghost Ranch. Metal design artist Connie B. Burkhart will teach the basics of oxygen acetylene welding, brazing and plasma cutting to make metal sculpture inspired by the feminine fire within. We will focus on some intentional projects and designs using gas welding and plasma cutting. This class is for all levels, but also wonderful for first timers working with welding torches. We will focus on smaller projects to fine tune the amazing process of welding and brazing to join metal. In our work we will use power tools like a metal chop saw, varied types of grinders and drills to shape metal. We will focus on smaller work creating your pieces using scrap metal and other materials such as glass beads or old jewelry to adorn your designs. All materials are provided, but we ask you bring your own light weight snug fitting leather gloves. Imagine the thrill of melting metal and letting your creative juices flow with this unique art form.  Please see the welcome letter for more detailed  information



  • Connie B Burkhart

    Connie Burkhart is a true Renaissance woman who has sculpted her life to include all the passions of her heart and soul. She is a metal design artist, singer-songwriter, musician, southwest wilderness guide, worship leader, Airbnb host and ‘The Dinosaur Lady’, an educator in geology and paleontology. For over two decades she has taught various seminars at Ghost Ranch. She cherishes the gifts around her-she loves prospecting for fossils in the high desert earth, exploring a junkyard for treasures to rescue for metal designs, or listening to the ‘music’ of a rushing river.