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Oppenheimer & Atomic history: how to approach contested histories – G24080213

Aug 04 – 09 2024

Oscar-winning film Oppenheimer reminds us of the many layers of questions around history, science, and the history of science. How should we approach contested histories? We will share a blueprint for approaching these difficult histories constructively with dialogue, examine the many layers of the legacy of the bomb, and consider the uses of science historically that raise questions about how to decipher the legitimacy of science as applied in the present.



  • Raffi Andonian
    Raffi Andonian

    Raffi Andonian is TV’s “Celebrity Historian” with almost 200 guest appearances on ABC-CBS-FOX-NBC stations across the country. He is a professor at Harris Stowe State University, an HBCU in St. Louis, and he is the author of 3 history books, including Creating Space for Conflicted Histories: Remembering the Atomic Bomb, an Amazon best-seller. Raffi is producer and host of an AppleTV show, Clio The Muse, which encourages viewers to “challenge the present by inquiring the past.” He has spoken at Oxford, Cambridge, NASDAQ, humanities councils, historical societies, and universities across the country. Raffi began his career at the Gettysburg battlefield, Richmond Civil War sites, the Martin Luther King childhood home, and Los Alamos NM where the atomic bomb was created. Today, he leads “Beyond the Postcard” historical tours and he serves as President of the St. George Tucker Society, interdisciplinary academic association for study of the U.S. South.