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Tru Green Pottery with Barbara Campbell – G24070403

Jul 21 – 27 2024

Paper clay is clay with about 25% paper fiber mixed in. The fiber adds strength to the clay so when it is bone dry it is much stronger than clay without fiber. As long as the clay stays dry, the fiber adds amazing strength to the piece. In this class, we will concentrate on decorative or sculptural pieces. Participants will have the opportunity to dig a bit of clay from the arroyos on the ranch, add the paper fiber and create all on the first morning of class. Once the pieces are dry we will experiment with different cold finishes. We will not be firing the pieces in the kiln. This is a process that anyone can use anywhere without worrying about having expensive ceramic equipment. Many of the finishes we can use will add color, texture, and resilience to the surfaces where applied. Experiment with oil, wax. encaustic, and paints of various kinds. Students are encouraged to look up “Paper Clay” and bring ideas to share with the class. This is a great way for participants to take home a bit of Ghost Ranch Magic.



  • Barbara Campbell

    Barbara Campbell is an experienced potter whose beautiful work can be seen in galleries throughout the area and on the El Rito Studio Tour. She teaches regularly and has been selling her work at the Ghost Ranch weekend mercados for several years.