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Improv for Writing with Mari Kempes – G24070305

Jul 14 – 20 2024

A week of comedic improv as a liberating tool of performance and how to use improv as a writer. Magic happens in improv, where the result is somehow greater than the sum of its parts. Great for beginners and experts alike, we’ll trust our instincts, listen to our creative voices, and ride the current that is “Yes, and…”

We’ll play classic theater games and learn basic improv techniques, and then learn how to take material from those exercises and use it for creative writing. Following a “create from abundance” mentality, this class aims to remind its participants that they are an unending wealth of ideas. No need to worry about stage fright, our performances will only be within the low-key setting of our class. Expect both solo and group writing exercises, much like you would find in a TV writer’s room. Improv can boost confidence with public speaking, small talk at gatherings, active listening skills, and add depth to any writing. Come be present, creative, and silly, as we trick our brains into easy productivity.


  • Mari Kempes
    Mari Kempes

    Mari Kempes is a Ghost Ranch native, having been raised there by her parents Jim & Lesley. At an early age, the Ranch gave her a love of performance via the weekly skit night and acting classes. Typically a shy kid, comedy gave Mari the tools she needed to be the loud and friendly face she is today. A longtime professional in Film and Television, Mari has recently transitioned to writing and has worked on the MacGruber TV series and Saturday Night Live. She studied Art and Film at Colorado College, as well as Improv and Comedic Filmmaking at the renowned Second City in Chicago.