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Earth My Body, Water My Blood – Singing and Drumming Our Connections with David Poole and Cliff Berrien – G24070304

Jul 14 – 20 2024

Celebrate Kinship Through Singing, Drumming, and movement!

Are you looking for a profound and joyful way to connect with your fellow humans and the natural world around you? We invite you to join our one-of-a-kind workshop that combines singing, movement and drumming to foster a strong sense of community and celebrate the deep connection we share with each other and with our beautiful planet.  We will drum both as an ensemble (with Cliff introducing traditional patterns and practices from Africa and Latin America) and in more freeform, improvisational ways.  We will share songs from around the world that speak to our relationships with one another and with other elements of creation.  All music will be paperless (no need to read music) and taught in the aural tradition.

No Experience Necessary: This experience is open to all, regardless of your musical background or prior experience.  To paraphrase an African saying, “If you can speak – you can sing, if you can walk – you can dance, and if you have a heartbeat – you can drum!”

Connect and Reconnect: Forge new connections with others even as you rekindle your relationship with the natural world. 

Play and Relax: Expect to have a blast and unwind as you let go of your inhibitions, tapping the joy of making music and moving your body.


  • Cliff Berrien
    Cliff Berrien

    For 50 years Cliff Berrien has been a student-practitioner of rhythm and drumming, inspired by the music of the African Diaspora and other global music, dance and art traditions. His work focuses on cultural expressions of collective joy as transformative ways to develop creativity, contemplative awareness, cultural dexterity and somatic resilience. He also facilitates events with the ROOTED Global Village and is a member of the production team for Bayo Ackamolafe’s We Will Dance with Mountains course.

  • David Poole
    David Poole

    David Poole is currently Artistic Director of the New Mexico Peace Choir and an active presenter with the paperless singing initiative Music that Makes Community. He was a church musician for 27 years, director of the Ghost Ranch Chorale for 15, and collaborator with John Philip Newell on the Liturgies of Casa del Sol.