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Draw What You See, Remember What You Saw with Jennifer Pickett– G24070206

Jul 07 – 13 2024

How many times have you gotten home from a fabulous trip and looked at your photos with disappointment. The colors are not what you remember. Your subject got lost in its surroundings. You aren’t even sure why you took some of those photos! Sometimes a camera just doesn’t capture the experience you want to remember. I will show you ways to capture those colors, impressions, and subjects that move you, inspire you, and excite you so you can recall your impressions accurately long after returning home. Making a travel sketchbook/journal can help you experience and take in a place much more fully than just snapping another picture. When you draw, you notice so much more, and you focus on the things that caught your attention in the first place. You end up with a picture that shares YOUR experience, not just a photo that looks like everyone else’s photo. Plus, I guarantee you will remember the experience and place much more clearly.
Join us as we get inspired by our beautiful surroundings at Ghost Ranch and improve our drawing skills while learning to sketch on location. We’ll learn how to see like an artist, figure out how to clear the clutter of unecessary information from your view, and how to use colors. We’ll try different drawing media–pencil, pen, marker, watercolor. And we will creativly add a few notes to the drawings to clarify and add impressions that are not reproducible visually (sounds, smells, feelings, etc.)

We will end up with a sketchbook that records the vast landscape, the monumental cliffs and unbelievable colors as well as the little things like rocks, plants and maybe even a bird or lizard. You will have a travel log like nothing you’ve had before, and hopefully you will want to make one for your future trips!