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Lino Printing on Fabric and Paper with Karena Koeberle Wells– G24070205

Jul 07 – 13 2024

This hands-on workshop invites participants to immerse themselves in the world of  design, carving, and printing on both fabric and paper, all while drawing inspiration from  the breathtaking landscapes surrounding Ghost Ranch. 

Against the backdrop of this inspiring scenery, discover the fundamentals of design,  learning the art of crafting visually captivating patterns and images tailored for fabric and  paper. 

As the sun sets and paints the landscape with its warm hues, navigate the intricacies of  the printing process, from ink application to printing on fabric and paper surfaces.  Embrace the freedom to experiment with color combinations, textures, and layering,  letting the unique ambiance of Ghost Ranch infuse your prints with a special energy. 

Karena will provide all the essential materials, including fabric and paper, along with  different sizes of linoleum for carving, using various sizes of linoleum and a few other  carving mediums, up to 5 x 7 inches. This class will be a dynamic and inclusive learning  experience. Participants are encouraged to bring their own fabric (without softeners)  and paper from home, infusing a personal touch to their own experience.  

Whether your artistic aspirations lean towards designing custom fabric, embellishing  textiles, contributing to collages, or crafting captivating paper prints, this class offers a  versatile platform for unleashing your creativity amidst the inspiring landscapes of Ghost  Ranch. 

Throughout the workshop, Karena will guide you through each step, offering valuable  insights, tips, and encouragement as the scenery of Ghost Ranch becomes a muse for  your creations. No prior experience is required—just bring your enthusiasm and an  open mind, and let the joy of handmade creations unfold against the backdrop of this  unique and inspiring environment. Discover the joy of printmaking, where every carve and print becomes a celebration of  your unique artistic expression, amplified by the natural beauty of Ghost Ranch.

Note:  Participants are advised to wear suitable clothing, as the class involves working with  inks that may stain.



  • Karena Koeberle-Wells

    Karena Koeberle-Wells is an artist, teacher, tutor, and lecturer. She comes from a long line of sewists, makers, and re-creators. Since she was a small child, she has quilted, tailored clothed, and created with leather and canvas. She made her first quilt in third grade during a project to learn about the American West. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado, where she studied art, history, and education. Her passion for learning has led her to study and attend workshops worldwide.

    As a lifelong artist, with a dedication for teaching, quilting and working with textiles, Karena has traveled and lived around North America, Europe, and Asia. She has collected a vast knowledge of different textile techniques including sewing, piecing, dying, fiber manipulation, and quilting from around the world and loves to share her passion for textiles with others.

    In 1996, Karena introduced a quilting seminar to the Festival of Arts, at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The Festival of Arts has been a gathering of artists, enthusiasts, and excited beginners. She enjoys combining her love of traveling with teaching fiber workshops for groups, retreats, shops, and guilds.

    In her quest to continue learning and passing on new skills, she has earned multiple certifications from different regions of North America and is always excited to be on the forefront of learning.

    Karena now lives in her forever home in the Olympic Peninsula. When she is not creating, teaching, or developing her textile techniques, Karena is a managing broker, helping people sell or buy their homes.