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Be A Volunteer

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 We Love Our Volunteers!

Volunteers make so much of Ghost Ranch work! You will be amazed at how much you can gain from sharing your talents with our staff and guests! Below are details on our volunteer positions available perhaps for your consideration in 2022 or 2023.
For all positions, contact Anne Ditzler, Volunteer Coordinator at

 How Long Do I Serve?

Other than Volunteer Medical Professionals, volunteers serve up to three months, depending on their availability and Ghost Ranch needs.

 What Are My Hours?

Volunteers work five days a week (38-40 hours) and get two consecutive days off, but not necessarily weekends.

 Where Do I Live?

Volunteers live in furnished homes or double-wide trailers on the Ranch or in their own RV’s and eat meals in the Dining Hall. Room and board is provided. Some homes house one to three volunteers of the same gender. Each volunteer has a private bedroom and may have a private bathroom. Sheets and towels and dishes are provided. No pets are allowed.

Museum Volunteer

Become a volunteer at the Ghost Ranch Archaeology or Paleontology Museum. Join a dedicated group of knowledgeable individuals. Ghost Ranch is looking for a VOLUNTEER Paleontologist OR Archeologist for a 6-12 month term. Room and board are included. Come live and work on some of the most beautiful lands in the country. Lead tours. Engage with visitors. Share your knowledge. Our volunteers donate thousands of hours to make our Museums a welcoming and inspiring place to visit. You’ll also get to experience the deep history, art and culture of the Southwest region. We need your help with tours, activities and museum collection. 


Oversees the six rooms of the library. Checks and shelves books. Processes new books, DVDs, magazines, etc. Keeps newspapers and magazines current. Keeps catalog current. The Library now has over 12,000 volumes, organized by the Library of Congress cataloging system. Responsibilities of this volunteer position include: Library set up, Cataloguing, Orders/Purchases, Maintain Collections, Seek Donations, Various Projects, Weeding of books, Support Ranch Activities, Programs and community, Overall general maintenance and care of library.


This resident volunteer position at Ghost Ranch is responsible for guest hospitality and logistics of the retreat house away from the main ranch.

Tour Drivers

Drives the O’Keeffe Landscape Tour van past the home of Georgia O’Keeffe and her painting sites in parts of the Ranch that are closed to most guests. Leads walking history tours on ranch grounds. May be asked to drive arriving and departing guests to Santa Fe.

Medical Volunteers

Volunteers can stay for one or two weeks or longer. VMPS serve from noon Sunday through noon the following Sunday. They staff the first aid trailer at meal times and carry a walkie-talkie at other times so they can be reached in an emergency. When not in the trailer, they can hike, take classes, visit the library and attend ranch programs. They must remain on ranch property at all times. VMPS must provide their own liability insurance, but Ghost Ranch will reimburse them up to $300.



Reach us

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