Planned Giving

Planned Giving

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 Our Future is in Your Hands

It all started with Arthur and Phoebe Pack’s legacy gift. Their legacy gift and other planned gifts to the National Ghost Ranch Foundation have sustained the mission and beauty of the ranch. The incredible legacy left by previous donors has enabled Ghost Ranch to become what it is today. The future of Ghost Ranch is in the hands of people that wish to leave a legacy of generosity for future generations.

We invite you to plant a seed today to ensure the ongoing viability of Ghost Ranch. By making a planned gift, you join the Chimney Rock Society which is a faithful group of Ghost Ranch supporters who have included Ghost Ranch in their estate plans.

A planned gift is a contribution that is arranged in the present and allocated at a future date. It is commonly given through a will or trust and the donation is most often received by NGRF following the donor’s passing.

To reduce confusion, the fund previously known as the Chimney Rock Permanent Endowment Fund has been renamed the NGRF Permanent Endowment Fund. Only a donor may restrict a gift — annual, planned or other — to the permanent endowment. The corpus of the endowment is permanently restricted; the NGRF board of directors designate how earnings are used.

Chimney Rock Society members are not required to designate their planned gift to the NGRF Permanent Endowment Fund, although they may choose to do so. Similarly, planned gifts received from Chimney Rock Society members are not automatically applied to the NGRF Permanent Endowment Fund, as only a donor can make that designation.


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