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Basic – 4 Harness Weaving – G210846

Basic four-harness weaving. Learn loom set-up, weaving terminology, and fundamentals of four harness structure weaves. The different types of four harness weaves which will be allowed to sample are double weaves, many 2/2 pattern and plain weaves, 3/1 pattern and plain weaves and/or a individual project using one of the many types of four harness documented weaves.

The student will choice one type of four harness weave in which to create a final completed weaving by the end of the workshop week. We will be using sit down jack looms in this workshop, which requires for you to sit for long periods of time. Bring along a mat or sheepskin is best. We have all warping and equipment to work your warp and weft fibers for your four harness sample weaving.

The student is welcome to bring their own warp and weft yarns or they can purchase yarns from the instructor. All students will get handouts notes on basic four harness structural weaves and use of all tools.

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  • Rose Vigil
    Rose Vigil

    Little did she know that her marriage to Eugene would lead to a love of Spanish traditional textiles. She began her study in 1989 with a course taught by Kristina Wilson and Rachel Brown at the Taos Institute of Art, and about a year later, she started her Associates of Applied Science in Fiber Arts at Northern New Mexico Community College as a part- time student, graduating in May 1995. Together, with her husband, the two are fulfilling a dream of keeping local traditions alive and passing their culture to their weaving community. They do this through joint efforts in completing their weavings. Rose has always had a fascination with the structure of weaving, in which it takes many interlocking threads, all perfectly tensioned, to form a beautiful textile. She finds this true in life itself, it takes everything working in unison to form a finished product, be it a person or a thing. “I feel our traditional work leads to our culture, and this helps us find our identity in society. By learning how our ancestors worked many years ago, we implement our work, keep their traditions alive, and become culture bearers. This, in turn, helps us understand our origins and ourselves.”


Aug 22 - 28 2021



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