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Are you called to become a spiritual director? Stillpoint at Ghost Ranch brings the highly regarded Stillpoint Spiritual Direction Formation & Training Program in southern California to the exhilarating landscapes of historic Ghost Ranch. This program is rooted in the deep, contemplative Christian tradition and honors the sacred listening practices of other traditions as well.

The first step in the Stillpoint process is participation in The Spiritual Journey– July 29-August 5, 2019. This week-long retreat is a required step whereby participants interested in becoming spiritual directors explore their own spiritual path.

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Prefer using the phone? Start the conversation with someone from Stillpoint’s staff at (626) 385-7242.

Stillpoint Videos courtesy of Rev. Larry Hastings

Message from The Reverend Mike Olsen about Stillpoint

Message from the Participants in The Stillpoint at Ghost Ranch Spiritual Direction Program

Message from Ravi Verma, Stillpoint Spiritual Direction Program Instructor



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