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Wonderful, spiritual, peaceful~ no TV, no phone not even a clock!!! I absolutely loved it, and can still feel the spiritual renewal I received there~ we will be back!!!!

Robert Mirabal

Weekend Participant

Hi my name is Savanna Guarino. I am 17 and I attended family week this year. I came with my parents and two brothers and hands down had the best week of my life. Prior to Ghost Ranch I wasn’t to excited about spending a week there because as a teenage girl that is not my ideal vacation. But immediately my perspective changed once we got there. During the week I met such amazing people and staff. I made friends I will keep for a lifetime. Everyone was always smiling and spreading such joy to everyone. I made memories with friends I met that I wiIl never forget. Not only I, but my whole family absolutely loved it and we decided to make it a yearly thing to come every family week. I would like the thank you for everything y’all do and making my week unforgettable. I LOVED my week there and I can’t wait to see y’all next summer!! 

Savanna Guarino

Best concentrated instructional value I have ever participated in; multi-modal, engaging, mind-stretching, allowed for multi-faceted personal growth on many levels.

Bluegrass Camp participant

For years I’ve heard about Ghost Ranch, now I know. The view from Kitchen Mesa, time with the likes of J. Philip Newell, rafting on the Chama, and a chance to sleep beneath the desert stars, all helped to thin the veil for me. I see differently now and am both less and more as a result.

Joel Blunk

Associate Pastor - State College Presbyterian Church

I can only say that I really enjoy coming to Ghost Ranch, the facilities, the food, the atmosphere, everything is so great. The setting is so inspirational and calming, it ranks tops on my list of places to experience. My song writing career began at Ghost Ranch in 2011 while attending the Bluegrass Camp, my instructors, Mike Finders and Cahalan Morrison gave the assignment of spending time gazing upon the wonderful scenery and writing down ideas for a song. At the age of 69 I began writing songs, since that time I have recorded a cd with 15 songs, all of which I contribute to my second visit to Ghost Ranch.

Bluegrass Camp participant

I loved the balance of course time and free time. I was able to thoroughly explore the ranch and go on some incredible hikes, as well as learn immense knowledge from my course. All in all, this was the perfect way for me to start my 2016.


Jan Term at Ghost Ranch this year was such a blessing — I’m grateful to have been part of it all: people; land and sky and history and cultures; course content; adventures; and everything else. Thank you!

Karin Hamilton

Bless Ghost Ranch. It Rocks. “The whole family came back from Ghost Ranch in awe of the beauty of the place. Joel is excited about the idea of going back next year. My mom loved the rural settings and actually enjoyed walking around the ranch. Jose liked the ranchlands tour we took in the bus. That small trip made him appreciate the unique opportunity we had of visiting the ranch and all that is in it. As for me, I came home with beautiful images in my head. The mesas, the red dirt, the forest and its pines, I could not get enough of them. Thank you for encouraging us to visit Ghost Ranch. I think that whether the kids go back next year or not, they will hold the experience of this summer in their hearts.”

The Montes Family

Coming to Ghost Ranch has been the most amazing experience. I love being here. Coming here has made me believe that there is a God and He is trying to help work things out.


Youth Conference participant

We had an amazing time. The low ropes course was exactly what our group needed to reveal some of our communication deficits and to open our awareness. Our field of medicine is complex and we constantly deal with the challenges of teamwork and a contrasting isolation. In a few short hours, this course allowed us to strengthen our bonds, realize new friendships, and reconnect. Our fresh perspectives have served us well and we will be certain to return in the future! Stefan, you were a fantastic facilitator. This went better than I ever could have hoped! We truly cannot thank you enough! We plan to come back every year. UNM Physicians retreat

Jill Alldredge MD

The class went far beyond my expectations …Ghost Ranch is an unbelievable place. I consider the people who touched my life here a part of my extended family. Thanks for such a great time. I hope to come back some day! Participant January Term / Silversmithing

I am especially grateful for the trip to the Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu. It is a beautiful, serene place. God’s hand of creation is all over the mountains’ cracks and crevices there. As you walk around you can feel his presence. He talks to you everywhere you look. You find peace there.

Rosalind Dailey

Cross Cultural Ministries Participant

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