Ghost Ranch Library

Ghost Ranch Library

 Ghost Ranch Library

Since the Ranch became the property of the Presbyterian Church in 1955, Ghost Ranch has had a library. This “special library”, which is open 24 hours a day, is a quiet, comfortable center for reading and study, located in an old adobe building just across from the Dining Hall. The historic building was once home to the Robert Wood Johnson family (Johnson & Johnson), built for their stays at Ghost Ranch.

The Library now has over 12,000 volumes, organized by the Library of Congress cataloging system. You can view the Ghost Ranch library collection online via Follett Destiny Library Manager.

Wireless Internet and Online Access to the Collection:
Depending on weather conditions, wireless internet is usually available in and around the Library for those who bring their own laptop/notebook computers. Please note, the Ghost Ranch Library does not loan material through Interlibrary Loan.

Collections focus on program areas of the Ranch, but there is also a large leisure reading collection of American, English, Spanish and other European literature. Other notable subject areas in the collection include:

  • Southwest research collection.
  • Religion, which includes many current books published by Westminster/John Knox Press and an extensive spirituality collection.
  • Art, especially books on watercolor technique.
  • Current local newspapers, plus a representative collection of popular magazines in religion and current affairs.

The Library welcomes book donations.

DVD and VHS collection of movies filmed at Ghost Ranch as well as a selection of current movies and documentaries are available for viewing in the library.

Children’s Section
Ghost Ranch Library has a large children’s collection. Over one quarter of books checked out during summer months are from the children’s collection. The Children’s Room is also used by the summer children’s activities program for storytimes and related activities.

Considering that Ghost Ranch is one of the few places left which does not have easy access to television (because of the Ranch’s remote location) children often find they have more time to read. The result is that the Children’s Room is the most heavily used part of the Library during the summer.

An exciting new addition to the Children’ Room is a beautiful Kamishibai (kah-mee-she-bye) Box. This form of storytelling comes from Japan and was designed to teach cultural history along with reading, writing and creativity skills. Stories and beautiful illustrations are printed on large (15″ x 10.5″) sturdy, cards that stack one behind the other. The box frame acts like a television screen. On the back of the last card is the English translation of the text, with the original Japanese beside it for the front most card so that a teacher or leader can tell the story from behind the box and engage the children with questions and activities that correspond to the story.

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