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Your Support of Ghost Ranch is Important

Like you, Ghost Ranch has a special place in my heart. 

I grew up on Ghost Ranch. My dad, Jim Hall, was its first executive director and I have visited annually for the past 57 years. We are coming to the close of our second year as an independent non-profit organization. At this critical time in the history of the Ranch, I ask you to join me in supporting the maturation of this sacred place. 

I am awakened in a new way every time I visit the Ranch. As a participant in this summer’s Signs of the Times: Water Discipleship, I became aware of how water transforms us in many ways. 
As I write to you, I am looking out on Lake Superior. In the past 24 hours, I have seen this majestic body of water change from quiet calm to swells to large waves that boom and splash high in the air. My observations of Lake Superior mirror the transformative changes in the beauty of Ghost Ranch as the rocks tumble from the cliffs, as the path of the arroyo changes with heavy rains, and as the painted desert blossoms with sweet smelling August showers. 
These physical changes pale when we allow our souls to be touched by the transformational power of the Ranch. Thousands of us have experienced its spiritual energy. You and I are collectively part of its transforming energy. As a fellow supporter and visitor of the Ranch, I know that this change is our own and we cannot necessarily explain what it means. 
Together you and I are called to give back to Ghost Ranch, this place that has given so much of itself to us. I am invigorated and excited by the opportunities that our independence offers. However, it is going to take all of us to protect, preserve and sustain it.
Please join me and my fellow board members, ranch staff and its numerous friends in stewarding this on-going transformation of our beloved Ghost Ranch. Your gift to the 2018 Fall Appeal prior to October 31, 2018 is as crucial as the rains in the painted desert. 
With warm wishes from all of us at the Ranch, 
Jon F. Hall 
Treasurer & Board Member

National Ghost Ranch Foundation 


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