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Room with Communal Bath

Dorm rooms with a communal bath down the hall or in another building reflect the history and dude ranch culture of Ghost Ranch’s past. Multiple bunk beds and very simple furnishings keep them among Ghost Ranch’s most affordable options.

Main Ranch Level with Communal Bath
A few rooms on the main level sleep up to seven or eight people and are perfect for groups. Some rooms have a closet, dresser, chair and desk; others have closets and sofas. Large communal bathrooms and showers are located outside, a few steps down a breezeway or covered porch.

Ghost Ranch, Staff House Exterior
Ghost Ranch, Staff House Exterior
Staff House Main Level Dorm Housing_300
Staff House Main Level Dorm Housing_desk300
Staff House Main Level Dorm common2_desk300
Staff House Main Level Dorm Common_300
Exterior Corral Block300
Ghost Ranch, Corral Block

Mesa Level with Communal Bath
Mesa units, very rustic, have one bedroom with two beds (2 sets of bunks, or a twin + bunk bed) and a dresser, chair, shelf, mirror and reading lamp. Many rooms have a sink. Shared baths with a sink and a toilet are located in each building down the breezeway. Showers are located in nearby buildings. These units sleep up to three people. Some buildings have a central lounge area with large screen windows that have stunning views.

Ghost Ranch, Prickly Pear Exterior
Mesa Dorm Style Lodging2_SueRundstrom
Mesa Dorm Common Room View Sue Rundstrom
Mesa Dorm Style Housing
Mesa Dorm Style Housing_BathHouse_SueRundstrom
Ghost Ranch, Prickly Pear Restrooms
Ghost Ranch, Prickly Pear Interior
Mesa Dorm Style Lodging_SueRundstrom
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