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The Gift of Ghost Ranch – Donate Today

From the Staff of Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch is known for its spectacular landscape, geology, paleontology, archaeology, and rich history. The landscape alone has the ability to evoke awe and spirit, and can ignite passion and creativity in those who take the drive back into the ranch. The staff – and all of us who love Ghost Ranch – are called to be stewards of this inspiring Southwest landscape.
Over and over again, we hear stories from folks who came to take a hike, to visit the land that Georgia O’Keeffe loved, to visit the Presbyterian Conference Center that they had heard about for so long, or even simply to take a break from a long road trip. Over and over again, we hear about how they left somehow different.
Comments like:
“I feel at peace here.”
“My heart feels like it’s home.”
“I leave renewed.”
“Ghost Ranch is spirit-filled.”
“The world feels like a mess and after my visit to Ghost Ranch I feel calm and peace, equipped to go out and do my small part to make my world better.”
”A ‘beautiful and magical’ place like no other!”
This summer, children experienced independence and grew in confidence as they were nurtured and encouraged by College Staff Counselors. Adults explored like children and opened themselves to love their own hearts again.
It takes gifts large and small to support the ranch so it can bring renewal, fresh perspectives and new life to nurture the land and the spirit of all who visit.
Join us in this critical month of October. October 31 is the last day of our of fiscal year and we need your help to reach our goal of $575,000 to sustain and improve the ranch. We have gratefully reached the 70% mark.
Help us reach 100%.
Because of your generosity Ghost Ranch:
  • maintains 21,000 acres of red hills and yellow cliffs.
  • provides world-class transformational workshops and retreats.
  • hosts local community camps and safe spaces for youth to learn and grow.
  • offers safe space for discussions on social justice and earth care.
Please join us in supporting the ranch by clicking the donate button today!
With warm wishes from all of us at the ranch.
Ghost Ranch Staff

To give now, go to our website and choose the giving option “2019 Fall Appeal” or call 505.685.1000 ext. 4182.


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