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Pastels for Everyone – G190712

Workshop ID: G190712
Dates: July 7 - July 13
Price: $675.00 - $1,540.00

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In Pastels for Everyone experience the immediacy and joy of working in pastels. In this class for beginners as well as seasoned pastelists, work both in the studio and at different painting locations in and around Ghost Ranch. Explore different papers, techniques, and methods of composition in this majestic setting.


Package Price
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Private Bath$1,540.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Shared Bath$1,465.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Communal Bath$1,195.00
Camping RV$835.00
Camping w/Electricity$795.00
Rio Arriba Commuter$675.00
Diane Arenberg

Diane Arenberg is a fine artist who enjoys the rewards of working in many mediums: Pastel, Oil, Printmaking, Encaustic, and Metalsmithing. She is an artist member of the Palette and Chisel in Chicago, Illinois and a signature


Download a PDF of the Welcome Letter – Arenberg – Pastels for Everyone 1


Pastels for Everyone

Instructor: Diane Arenberg

Start Date: 7/7/19, End Date: 7/13/19

Check-In Begins at 3:00pm at the Welcome Center on 7/7/19. Dinner 5:30 – 6:30; Orientation 6:45 pm

Dear Painter!

We are just a few weeks away from our Pastels for Everyone class at Ghost Ranch!  I have a great week planned and know you will love your experience at the Ranch, just as I did 31 years ago!  I’m thrilled to continue to be an instructor and pass along the joys and secrets of painting in this special place given to me over that time span.  

Here is some important information you will need for the week:

Orientation is on Sunday, July 7th after Dinner.  Please plan to attend as there is general information imperative for each guest to know, especially regarding safety at the Ranch.  Afterwards, we will meet in our “studio” to go over the week’s schedule. I will outline it briefly in this letter, but it is subject to change in case of weather or other circumstances.

Class begins at 9 a.m. at the designated meeting place.  I suggest arriving 15 minutes prior with your equipment so we can be ready to roll!  We will paint daily during the best light at the Ranch – 9 a.m. to Noon and 6:45 p.m. to dusk.  One day we will be taking a full day to travel to Orilla Verde Monument in Pilar. I have tentatively scheduled this for Thursday. Other half-day trips off ranch will be scheduled as Ranch vans are available.  Afternoons you will be free to paint on your own or explore Northern New Mexico. If you need some sight-seeing suggestions, send me an e-mail!

I will check in to answer questions at our studio at 4:30 pm daily.

Departure is Saturday Morning July 13th.  Check-out is 10 a.m. for all guests.

Supply List follow this letter.  It is very important to have everything assembled in a portable style, as we do not want to waste precious light dealing with wayward equipment.  If you find something on the list is impossible for you to transport to the ranch, please let me know and I will try to procure that item for you to borrow.

You can learn more about me if you wish at my website: in the “about” tab.  My contact information should you need is: cell 505-288-6278; e-mail: Some of you have already friended me on Facebook – Diane Kramer Arenberg.  If you haven’t please feel free to do so!

See you in July!


Materials List


  • Bring a combination of hard and soft pastels.  I can’t stress the importance of this enough. If you can only swing bringing one brand, then it should be the Sennelier 40 count Half stick set.  Better yet, the 80 count.  More colors = less frustration in the field. 
    Hard:  NuPastel, Creatacolour, Pastel Carre´, Rembrandt
    Soft:   There are many brands of soft pastels- Unison, Schmincke, Sennelier. Richeson
    Sennelier makes a very nice 80 Color set of half sticks.  At the very least you should have the equivalent of a 40 count half sticks set.  I like the half sticks with no wrappers to peel!


  • You may bring your own SANDED pastel paper or purchase some directly from me.  
  • Please do not bring Canson drawing paper.It is not a fun surface to work on if you are a beginner.  
  • I like Art Spectrum paper, Canson FEATHERLIGHT pastel boards.  
  • Sennelier has a beautiful sanded paper but it is not waterproof, so I don’t recommend those for July in NM because it frequently rains in the afternoon.


  • A lightweight outdoor easel- Winsor and Newton makes a relatively inexpensive and very lightweight collapsible easel.  French Easels are sturdy but heavy.
  • Clamp on umbrella- is nice but not required.  Helpful to keep the sun off your face and artwork.
  • Stool or lightweight folding chair for sitting or to hold your pastels.
  • I have a roll-up aluminum camp table which I love because I like to paint standing.


  • A Masonite drawing board or a piece of Gator Board  up to 20” x 26”
  • A neutral color tape for attaching your work to the board.  
  • Small Sketchbook and pencil for thumbnail sketches
  • Viewfinder or viewfinder/greyscale combination
  • A couple of cheap bristle brushes
  • Baby wipes- nice for cleaning fingers in the field
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with good UV protection but not too dark.
  • Vine charcoal, soft variety
  • Insect repellent
  • Water bottle
  • Gloves in a Bottle – a barrier cream for your hands
  • Photos to work from in case of inclement weather
  • A small bungee cord to weight your easel with your pack


  • Appropriate clothing for working outside in the desert is:
  • Long, lightweight slacks
  • Lightweight long sleeve shirt
  • Closed toe shoes and socks- no sandals!  Lightweight hikers preferable.
  • Bandana or neck cooler
  • Wide brimmed hat- the best ones are black under the brim for less glare.
  • Sunglasses- helpful-need to come off every now and then to check for color!
  • Bring layers.  It can get chilly at night at elevation.

Please have some type of backpack for holding your gear and making transport easier.  Bring your sense of adventure and spirit of flexibility! Schedule may be changed due to weather or other circumstances.



This workshop has passed.

Please select another Ghost Ranch offering.

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