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Geographies, Journeys, and Maps: Where we are going, where we have been – G1907311

Workshop ID: G1907311A
Dates: July 21 - July 27
Price: $675.00 - $1,540.00

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This workshop is full. Please select another Ghost Ranch retreat. “To ask for a map is to say, ‘Tell me a story,’” writes Peter Turchi. In this writing course we will consider various geographies that we inhabit/have inhabited and various journeys that we and other writers have undertaken. We will examine and create maps, both visual and with words, that tell important stories about who we are as individuals and as a culture. We will look at the writer as cartographer and how through exploration (premeditated searching or undisciplined rambling) and presentation (creating an essay, poem, story, or play meant to communicate with and have an effect on others) we lead both writer and reader on a journey into worlds real and imagined. Beginners and experienced writers (and map-makers) are all welcome.


Package Price
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Private Bath$1,540.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Shared Bath$1,465.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Communal Bath$1,195.00
Camping RV$835.00
Camping w/Electricity$795.00
Rio Arriba Commuter$675.00
Anita Skeen

Anita Skeen is currently Professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University where she is the Director of The Center for Poetry. She has been a Fellow at the


Download and Print Welcome Letter: Skeen – Geographies Journeys and Maps

Geographies, Journeys and Maps: Where We Are Going, Where We Have Been

Instructor: Anita Skeen

Start Date: 7/21/19, End Date: 7/27/19

Check-In Begins at 3:00pm at the Welcome Center on 7/21/19. Dinner 5:30 – 6:30; Orientation 6:45

Invitation: I’m looking forward to meeting with all of you for our summer writing class, “Maps, Journeys and Geographies: Where We Are Going Where We Have Been.” We will examine and create maps, both visual and with words, that tell important stories of our lives. There will be daily writing (and/or drawing assignments) which I hope you will all want to share with each other. Class is open to beginners and experienced writers/artists. We’ll have a good time playing, working, and learning.

Learning Outcomes: You’ll have drafts of poems and stories to take home with you, perhaps some new pieces of art, and definitely some new friends. You’ll read some poems and stories that you may not have encountered before and think about how one can “map” a life in language. Feel free to bring arts supplies that you would like to work with, scraps for collage, your computer (not necessary, but if you have one and a printer that would be swell).

Course Schedule: We meet every morning from 9:00 until noon for writing and conversation. Afternoons are free for you to enjoy with family and friends, or to work on your assignment for the next day. In the evenings, all of the Creative Arts participants come together for readings, demonstrations, exhibits by the artists who are teaching during the week. That takes place from 7:00 to 8:30.

Instructor Background: I’m currently professor of literature and creative writing in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University. I’m the founding director of the RCAH Center for Poetry and the Series Editor for Wheelbarrow Books. I’ve been teaching at Ghost Ranch for 40 consecutive years this summer and have loved every minute of it. I’m also the coordinator of the Fall Writing Festival in October. I’ve published 6 books of poetry and numerous pieces in literary magazines.

Provided Materials: Some art supplies. Some maps. Some drawing materials and paper. Some books for you to look through. Bring what you feel most comfortable making art with.

What to Bring: Writing implements of your choice. Paper for writing and making art. Whatever seems to you to be useful in your writing (Photos, journals, etc) and art-making. If you have a computer and printer those can be really helpful.

FAQs: Q; Do I have to have writing experience? A: No.

Q: Do I have to be an artist? A: No.

Q: Do I have to share my writing with others? A: No, but I hope you will and I think you’ll want to.

Q: Do I have to do homework? A: No, but I hope you’ll want to do the daily assignments.

Q: Will there be discussion in class? A: Definitely. I do not lecture.

Recommended Resources: Just spend some time looking at maps and reading your favorite authors before you come. If you have maps that you love, bring them with you.

This workshop has passed.

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