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Eco-Dyeing and Rust Printing on Fabric – G190718

Workshop ID: G190718
Dates: July 7 - July 13
Price: $675.00 - $1,540.00

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Learn the ancient, yet newly revived art of Eco Dyeing and Printing! We print flowers, natural materials and rusty metal on paper and fabric, without using synthetic dyes. The results are unpredictable, beautiful, and useful. We will assemble our fabrics into a wall piece and embellish with stitching.

Instructor will provide fabric, paper, plant materials and rusty metal. Instructor has many years of teaching at the college level and at Ghost Ranch since 2014.


Package Price
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Private Bath$1,540.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Shared Bath$1,465.00
All Inclusive, Double Occupancy: Communal Bath$1,195.00
Camping RV$835.00
Camping w/Electricity$795.00
Rio Arriba Commuter$675.00
Valerie Bashaw

Valerie Doran Bashaw, of Grandview, Missouri, is a fiber/mixed media artist and fine arts educator. She received her Bachelors Degree from the Kansas City Art Institute and her Masters Degree from the University of Michigan.


Download the Welcome Letter PDF Bashaw Welcome Letter – EcoDyeing


Eco-Dyeing and Rust Printing on Fabric

Instructor: Valerie Doran Bashaw

Start Date: 7/7/19
End Date: 7/13/19

Check-In Begins at 3:00pm at the Welcome Center on 7/7/19. Dinner 5:30-6:30; Orientation 6:45 pm

Instructor Information:
I have been teaching students of all ages and abilities for 30 years, have a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from the University of Michigan. I continue to teach studio art and art history at the college level and in other venues. I am a longtime Fiber/Mixed Media professional artist with many years of teaching experience. My primary area of concentration is surface design, I love to work with color and pattern. This is my fifth summer here, yes, I love it and am always glad to be back.

Course Overview:
Welcome to beautiful Ghost Ranch, we always have a wonderful time here and meet so many interesting fellow travelers on this journey. I am looking forward to meeting you soon! Check in begins at 3pm on July 7th at the Welcome Center, Ranch orientation at 6:45pm. We will meet briefly to discuss our upcoming week together and see our class room where you can drop off supplies that evening too. Check out is at 10am on Saturday, we will not meet on that day, to give you time to enjoy breakfast and check out.

Explore various ways to color cotton and silk fabric and various papers, using plant materials and rust as our color sources. There are many ways to bind and tie the fabric and print paper. I will demonstrate rust printing, which is great fun, results are permanent and often unexpectedly lovely. We will also explore printing on paper and flower pounding, so that you can create greeting cards and many papers for collage, paper crafts, book binding etc. Instructor will share suggestions for using these materials and share her own work too.

How can you use your dyed, printed fabrics? Include them in your quilts, garments, pillow covers, or fiber art, for example. I will demonstrate various ways to embellish this fabric with embroidery and beads. We will spend time preparing cloth and assembling and embellishing. This is not a sewing class; however, we will provide sewing machines for basic piecing of your fabrics. If you are driving and have a sewing machine, please bring it along, with good quality thread. Please note that week #3, July 14-20 of our Festival of the Arts is a class with Ronnie Ashford titled Quilting: Easy as 1,2,3. Imagine a quilt done with your new fabrics eh?

General Workshop Hours:
We will meet every morning from 9am until noon, and again from 1-4pm. If you have activities that you would like to pursue during this week, we can rearrange the afternoon schedule to meet in the evening from 6:45-8:15. I am dedicated, thorough and flexible. I want you to get the benefit of so many great opportunities here at Ghost Ranch. Please keep your mornings open to work with me, starting at 9am, as this is the key time that we work on dyeing fabric and paper. I will introduce each process once, often we learn several methods, and I keep things moving. Our class begins on Monday morning, and we adjourn on Friday early afternoon, as we pack up and hang our art show, along with the other Festival classes. We host a well-attended, fun reception to show off your work and meet other artists, instructors and Ranch guests.

Daily Itinerary:
Monday to Wednesday mornings we begin a new process, preparing and dyeing our fabrics. We will have several projects going at once, some “curing” with the dyes or rust, others being washed and ironed. We will learn various methods of creating wall hangings and embroidery/embellishment methods. Later in the week we will explore ways to finish our fabrics. Each person works at their own pace, no rush, just lots of group projects and support, it’s great fun and the results are surprising and so amazing too.

Learning Objectives:
You will learn many creative ways to dye and print on fabric, and methods to embellish and display too. Students return home full of ideas, beautiful cloth and inspiration!

Supply list: Please do not hesitate to send questions!

• I will provide 3 yards of good cotton fabric and 1 yard of silk, all dyes, binding materials and other supplies. Please consider bringing additional prewashed white or lightly colored 100% cotton or fabric, or a piece of thin wool or silk/wool blend, plain white or ivory. No synthetics. All yardage no larger than 1 yard, no huge tablecloths etc. I use vintage fabrics often in my work, shop at thrift stores, look for sheets, tablecloths, good quality reused fabric. Get medium weight fabric, nothing thin, not as thick as canvas, and be sure to prewash, no bleach, no dryer sheets. I prefer a denser, tightly woven cotton, and good plain weave silk, only white or ivory colored. Check out Dharma Trading Company as a great resource.
• Do you have watercolor or any decent quality paper? Some types are very absorbent and don’t work, others are great, so many variations as we experiment along the way.
• Bring 3 packages of unwaxed dental floss, no mint flavored, and any strong cotton string, jute, ribbons, upholstery thread to bind the fabric.
• Bring a long apron that goes to your knees, we might splash dyes, it is good to cover your clothing, do not wear good clothing or shoes the first few days. You can clean up to do other activities later, but after all, this is a Festival of the Arts, so you won’t stand out!
• Good quality, long rubber gloves that fit well are a must. If you have sensitivities, bring appropriate non-latex gloves including thin gloves, I only supply latex.
• Do you have any transportable pieces of rusty metal, wire, nails, hardware? Please bring them, for reference see videos and resources on the internet to research in advance. I have some metal to share, but not a huge amount.
• Do you have any dried flower petals also as we explore “eco dyeing”? We can’t harvest from the Ranch, out of respect for the delicate eco system and arid climate.
• Good scissors, any threads that you love, straight pins, needles, buttons, beads etc. If you are flying you must pack scissors in stowed luggage, not carry on, so be sure to see what is considered okay, I will have great supplies to share, so not to worry if this doesn’t work for you. If you are driving, I suggest a box or crate to store your items in.
• I also recommend bug spray and a hat, good sunglasses. We will be at 6,000’ so be sure to be prepared to drink lots of water! The sun is hot in the daytime, the nights are phenomenal, I have seen the most amazing skies and rainbows!

Thank you, see you soon, Valerie
Valerie Doran Bashaw ,
Instagram: @valeriewovenwind

Please email me with any questions or concerns.

This workshop has passed.

Please select another Ghost Ranch offering.

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