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Adobe on the Ranch with Wayne Williams – G24040405

Apr 21 – 26 2024

Welcome to Ghost Ranch where you will take part in learning about the history and construction of adobe bricks. By the end of the class you will be able to make adobes and use them in constructing basic walls and an outdoor oven (an Horno). The skill of mud plastering is a hands-on experience too. While here you will visit an incredible Monastery and a private adobe home plus the oldest still lived in adobe structure in New Mexico.



  • Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams

    In 2008, Wayne came to New Mexico from Arizona to learn all about building with Adobe. He attended Northern New Mexico College in El Rito, New Mexico where classes had been going on at the time for about 17 years. After completing the required classes Wayne graduated with a certificate in Adobe Construction. He then started teaching the art of adobe building through classes at Ghost Ranch, NNMC and through private seminars