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From Mud to Marvel with Barbara Campbell – G240135

Jan 07 – 21 2024

In this two or three week course we will follow the entire ceramics process from “mud” to “marvel”, placing a great deal of focus on the internal creative process. Where it comes from and how we manifest it in the studio. In the atmosphere and beauty of Ghost Ranch we can talk about how our surroundings inspire and ignite the creative spirit and how it can be incorporated in the materials we use. 

Our first two weeks will be spent with various types of clay with firings toward the end of the time. 

For those of you who opt for the three weeks, we will delve into at least one other type of firing and finishing. While this third week is open to new participants, we cannot take beginners. If you have enough experience to join in this advanced creative ceramic process, you will be most welcome. We will touch lightly on glaze chemistry- why things happen the way they do when clay and surface finishes are subjected to intense heat. 

This is a fluid course so things can progress in a way that allows for individual creative expression. I look forward to a joyful and fulfilling winter clay fest with you all.



  • Barbara Campbell

    Barbara Campbell is an experienced potter whose beautiful work can be seen in galleries throughout the area and on the El Rito Studio Tour. She teaches regularly and has been selling her work at the Ghost Ranch weekend mercados for several years.