*SOLD* Milford Calamity: Arrowhead Earrings


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SOLD One-of-a-kind, sterling silver handmade earrings. Purchase of these earrings benefit the artist and 2021's Heartbeat of Gratitude event.

I love making statement earrings and on this piece, I was looking for an arrowhead theme.  Arrowheads has gender.  The female is the pointy oval abs and the Male has the chip sides.  I was looking for balance and protection symbolism.

Milford Calamity is a self-taught Navajo silversmith who works with sterling silver, copper, gold, turquoise as well as a variety of exotic stones. He loves to exaggerate shapes, textures and colors in his work. He takes pride in incorporating contemporary art with traditional Navajo silversmith techniques. Between traditional sand-casting and silver wire fabricating, Milford aims to bring a fresh new look to the Indigenous jewelry market. He brings an exotic approach to metal work as he utilizes various techniques he’s learned over the years. His work is associated with words like edgy, different, creative, bold, vibrant and of course fresh. His motivation and determination extends beyond any imaginary threshold.

Originally from Steamboat, Arizona Milford grew up on the Navajo Reservation. He maintains strong ties with his traditional values and way of life. This is apparent in his relationship with his family as well as his colleagues. His traditional upbringing as well as the constant support from his family have helped Milford obtain his success and maintain his focus throughout life. Milford acknowledges the importance of being a business owner, however taking time out to appreciate life and remain grounded are equally important. Milford currently resides in Albuquerque with his wife, daughter and their three dogs.

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