Georgia O’Keeffe Red and Yellow Cliffs Poster


EXCLUSIVE: You can only buy this poster from Ghost Ranch! In 1976, Georgia O'Keeffe gave permission to the National Ghost Ranch Foundation to sell these reproduction prints, with the proceeds to benefit Ghost Ranch. The Ranch has the exclusive rights to the print. The landscape depicted is typical of the mesas and cliffs painted by O'Keeffe and could well have been the view from her front door. [23.5" X 30.5"] We will ship it unframed to you in a sturdy poster tube.

In 1940, the year this painting was made, O'Keeffe purchased a house on eight acres at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. The views from the property were spectacular. From the front, the Cerro Pedernal (a flat-topped mesa) could be seen in the distance. The backyard faced seven-hundred-foot-high striated cliffs, pictured here in their true colors of red and yellow. Their immensity allows only the smallest sliver of blue sky to show at the top left.

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