Colcha Kits by Glenna Dean


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Kits include a sabanilla piece of cloth, churro wool thread, needle, pattern and instructions.

  • Yarns locally spun from New Mexico-grown Churro wool
  • Churro wool sabanilla cloth handwoven in New Mexico
  • Churro wool yarns colored in New Mexico with native plants and authentic Spanish-Colonial dyes
  • Needle and instructions

The Story of Colcha Embroidery
Wool-on-wool Colcha Embroidery in northern New Mexico dates from the Spanish Colonies of the 17th century. A variation of laid stitch, the self-couching colcha stitch uses a single needle to place at least 95% of the thread on the surface of the work.
The coarse sabanilla (sah-bah-KNEE-ya) ground cloth, handwoven with yarn hand-spun from primitive Churro sheep, was covered with colcha designs of hands-on Churro-wool yarns colored with native plants, cochineal bugs, and dyes imported from the far-flung Spanish Empire. The completed textile was used as a quilt or bedspread (colcha in Spanish), warm and bright with free-hand flowers, vines, leaves, animals and birds. After mid-19th century American traders brought cotton cloth to New Mexico via the Santa Fe Trail, weaving and embroidery of woolen sabanilla ceased except in traditional Hispanic communities isolated in the mountains of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

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Flor de Sandia, Hollyhock, Flower and Bud, Leaves, Parajita

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