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  • By Paul Weideman

  • Manistee man volunteers at famed Ghost Ranch in New Mexico
    There are certain places in this country that challenge the inner sanctums of the mind from an artistic, physical, curiosity, scientific, spiritual, educational and historical perspective. However, it is rare to find such a place that presents the opportunity to do all of those things in one location. That is unless you are talking about the unique 21,000-acre Ghost Ranch that is located in Abiquiu, New Mexico.
    Ken Grabowski / Manistee News Advocate
  • The one attraction you can’t miss in every state
    Ghost Ranch is #32 on the list. America makes itself great through its diversity. Whether it is the site of a Civil War battle that recommitted the nation to liberty for all, or a highway that reveals the true glories of the Far North, every state has its own special cultural, historical or geographic attractions that shouldn’t be missed.
    Peter Giffin / MSN
  • The 10 Best Educational Activities for Children in New Mexico!
    Ghost Ranch is #2 on the list. Natural history centers, science exhibits, technology displays, zoos, botanical gardens, and out-door programs all provide children fun opportunities to learn. The focus for these 10 activities is about inspiring curiosity, imaginative play, and critical thinking—and there’s no homework.
    Susan Brown / Best Things New Mexico Powered by Americantowns Media
  • 12 Summer Getaways When All You Want Is Quiet
    These spiritual retreat centers will give you a taste of the monastic life.
    Carol KuruvillaAssociate Religion Editor / Huffpost Religion
    Wednesday, April 26, 2016
  • Pick a season and something in Georgia O’Keeffe country will beckon you
    Glen Rosales / Journal Staff Writer Sunday, January 31st, 2016 
  • The Places Every Woman Should Go In 2016
    Alexandra Cheney /  Refinery 29 / January 21, 2016
  • The 10 best culture and art group tours for 2016
    Trisha Andres / The Telegraph / Tuesday, January 5, 2016

  • Albuquerque Journal North names Ghost Ranch as a Bucket List destination!
    This group came to the Ranch for a Georgia O’Keeffe Landscape Tour in October.

  • New Mexico’s Ghost Ranch is an inspiring place to unplug
    By Laura Tolley
    …A native New Mexican, I generally have chosen Santa Fe, Taos or the comfort of my hometown of Albuquerque for my trips back, but a couple of years ago, I drove over to Abiquiu on a whim, falling in love with the land and the idea of staying at Ghost Ranch….
  • ‘Awakening the inquiry’
    By Jackie Jadrnak / Journal North Reporter
    Friday, October 10, 2014
    The inability of author and poet Alice Walker to take part in a workshop at Ghost Ranch this summer has become a bonus this fall as she brings along two of her friends for a week-long exploration of women’s wisdom, activism and feminism.
  • The Best Drive You Have Never Heard of: Santa Fe to Ghost Ranch
    The Suitcase Scholar
    December 3, 2013
    You’d think that after such an amazing day–an epic drive north through the red hills and a three mile hike up to the top of a mesa–I’d be disappointed with the drive home.  You, my friend, would be wrong.  Because I discovered something on the drive back to Santa Fe–the drive is just as beautiful (yet different) in the other direction (see photo to the right, which I took at a random bend in the road).  And with the sun at a different angle, the colors completely change.  Oh–and you have a much better view of the Sangre de Christo Mountains on the way home.
  • Learn to paint in the landscape that inspired Georgia O’Keeffe
    “Ghost Ranch has a haven for any who wish to discover, learn and play.” Judith Fein writes about all things Ghost Ranch”. 
  • Unearthing the Ghosts of Ghost Ranch New Mexico
    From the author:
    My latest column, Unearthing the Ghosts of Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, appears in the November issue of EARTH. Ghost Ranch is an incredible place, an hour north of Santa Fe. Whenever friends and family come to visit New Mexico, I take them to Ghost Ranch for a hike. I’m particularly proud of this story because my brother, sister, both my dogs and several friends all made it into the magazine this month!
  • Unplug and Renew With a Relaxing Vacation 
    October 2, 2012 AARP The Magazine – article by Jessica Maxwell (page 4 of the web magazine, page 41 of the printed magazine)
    Article intro – “We are weary. We’re tired of the economy. Tired of politics. Tired of texting and cellphones. We could all use a serious time-out in a soft place with gentle pursuits, natural beauty and people who understand the restorative power of quiet. Luckily for us, America has surprisingly affordable retreat centers where you can unwind and come home refreshed and ready for another round of life in the 21st century.”
  • leibovitz1Leibovitz Takes A ‘Pilgrimage’ For Artistic Renewal
    This story aired on NPR November 8 and is now on Listen to the Story – Talk of the Nation.
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