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Museum Series with Martha Yates, PhD

I have always loved New Mexico but something happened at Ghost Ranch that truly touched me. The vastness of the landscape, the colors, the fellow hikers and you!  What passion you (Martha) have for these ancient ruins and people and your vast knowledge.  Oh my. I’ll be back as soon as I can!”  Mary Ross

Ghost Ranch Museum Series with Dr. Martha Yates
Ghost Ranch is known for hosting knowledgable instructors for all of our programs, and Dr. Martha Yates is no exception. An expert in archaeology of the Southwest, a writer, photographer, scholar and teacher – not to mention one of the most beloved long-term instructors at the ranch – Dr. Yates will lead four different (but equally fascinating) retreats in the next several months. Come for an adventure at Ghost Ranch and learn of the area’s unique culture and history. See you soon! Photo: Nancy Knutson
Chacoan World Excursion
Tuesday, Oct. 8 – Saturday, Oct. 12
Dr. Martha Yates
Immerse yourself in the Chaco phenomenon – its mysteries, its ancient astronomical observatories, the Great Kivas of Azrec and Casa Rinconada, and the Great Houses of Pueblo Bonitas and Kin Kletso. The adventure begins with a day of introductions at Ghost Ranch. 
Ancient Sites, Ancient Waters
Saturday, Oct. 13 – Sunday, Oct. 19
Dr. Martha Yates
Venture to ancient pueblos along the Rio Chama, and marvel at petroglyphs by the Rio Grande. Hike into a magnificent 13th century Puebloan settlement set high on a mesa overlooking La Jolla and Abiquiu Lake. Soak at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, where the inhabitants of Posi-Owinge soaked in the 1300 and 1400s. Daily hikes are moderate to strenuous. Evening gatherings planned. Photo: William Helms
Rio Grande Pueblo Winter Solstice Feasts & Dances
Monday, Dec.23 – Saturday, Dec. 28
Dr. Martha Yates
Winter Solstice in the seasonal cycle is the time for the seeds to rest, when the shortest days pass into the longer, when thanks are given for the change of darkness into light. It is a revered time for the Rio Grande Pueblos. See the winter dances of the Pueblos. Among the possibilities are the Buffalo dance at Jemez Pueblo, the Deer Dance at Taos Pueblo, Comanche Dance at Tesuque Pueblo and the Turtle Dance at Ohkay-Owingeh Pueblo. Dances subject to change per the Pueblo schedules. Photo courtesy of NM Tourism Department
Rock, Ruins and Bones
Wednesday, Jan. 1 – Monday, Jan. 20
Dr. Martha Yates
An outdoor adventure to hike amidst the geology, paleontology and archaeology of northern New Mexico, for which the Ghost Ranch area is internationally known. Enjoy field trips to view the spectacular geology of the Colorado Plateau, Rio Grande Rift, and Jemez volcanic field (the first week), the dinosaur quarries of Ghost Ranch (paleontology, the second week) and ancient village ruins of the Southwest (archaeology, the third week). Explore the ancient worlds of cliff dwellings and kivas and the primordial worlds of oceans, volcanoes, Coelophysis and Effigia. Click to email for more information. 

From the Trading Post

EXCLUSIVE: You can only buy this poster from Ghost Ranch! In 1976, Georgia O’Keeffe gave permission to the National Ghost Ranch Foundation to sell these reproduction prints, with the proceeds to benefit Ghost Ranch. The Ranch has the exclusive rights to the print. The landscape depicted is typical of the mesas and cliffs painted by O’Keeffe and could well have been the view from her front door. Size: 23.5″ x 30.5″. Ships unframed in a sturdy poster tube. Click here to buy.

Abiquiu Inn

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