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  Earth Day 2021

On this Earth Day, we offer the invitation to view the video premiered on April 18. It features beautiful words and imagery, and a call to be kind and gentle to the Earth that sustains us. Below the video, you will find tabs that open to more information about each person or organization that shared in the event.


Wild Earth Poet, Timothy McLaughlin
Timothy McLaughlin
Santa Fe, NM
Wild Earth Poet & Co-founder of Praising Earth
Flor de Mayo

Learn More About Flor de Mayo

  • Grandmother Flor de Mayo is a curandera, an indigenous healer, from a small town in the highlands near Nicaragua’s border with Honduras. The youngest of 15 children, she was noticed as having what her people call the gift of sight. She began curandera studies with her mother, also a curandera, at age 4. See original article.

the Northern Youth Project in Abiquiu
Dancing Earth

Dancing Earth

Invitation to April Super Moon Movement with Founding Director Rulan Tangen
Rev. Anita Amstutz
Rev. Anita Amstutz
Albuquerque, NM
teacher, author, activist, beekeeper
Think LIke a Bee:

Wisdom Ways of Being/Soul Tending: 
Blogs from Anita (“COVID 19 and Varroa”) (“Bees as Essential Workers”) (“This place I Live”)
Liturgist Claudio Carvalhaes
Rev. Claudio Carvalhaes
Union Theological Seminary (New York, NY)
activist, liturgist, professor, theologian, artist
View segments of Claudio’s recent Stations of the Cross journey.

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