March 26 Update – Tonic for the Soul

Coronavirus Updates

Dear Friends,

During times like these, maintaining our spiritual health and well-being are just as important as our physical wellness. 65 years ago, Arthur and Phoebe Pack gifted to the world what we know and love as Ghost Ranch to that end.

Since 1955, we have hosted Cowboy Camp with beloved former director Jim Hall, been designated as a National Natural Landmark by National Park Foundation for our paleontology artifacts, hosted numerous symposia like Discerning the Signs of the Times social and earth-care issues and taught many an aspiring artist and writer.

So many of us have been touched by the arts, science and spirituality found at Ghost Ranch, either by intentional experience or chance encounter. Whether attending a retreat or a wedding, hiking or praying and meditating, learning a new skill, seeing where Georgia O’Keeffe created masterpieces or just visiting for the day, we’ve all experienced something magical in this transformational space.

Who would have guessed that something called COVID-19 would challenge our ability to travel and gather in the ways that we normally take for granted?

We should not forget the words of theologian and historian Thomas Fuller, “it is always darkest just before the day dawneth.” And, there’s no doubt the sun will continue to rise every day at Ghost Ranch.

Things are changing rapidly here: just days after we voluntarily closed the ranch to outside guests, the governor of New Mexico issued a stay-at-home order, so the staff is in limbo. Your support will allow us to protect Ghost Ranch, the place and the people, our community. Please stay tuned to our website as our staff – many of whom you consider family – provides tips, virtual visits and mini-lessons from our deep bench of instructors as tonic for the soul in these trying times.

In order to do so, and keep Ghost Ranch a place to which you can return, we will need your financial support to get us through this challenging time. Your gift — large or small — is greatly appreciated.

Just as the sun will continue to rise on the shining cliffs, we will continue to provide a peace-filled and nurturing space once the storm has passed. Our 21,000 acres of inspiring southwest landscape is medicine for the soul. We thank you for your support these last 65 years, as we look forward to the next 65.

With your help, Ghost Ranch will always be here for you — for this too shall pass, and the sun will rise.

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