March 12, 2020 Update

Coronavirus Updates

Dear Friends,

At Ghost Ranch today, as we do our 360 degree look around us, we are reminded of what a gift this unique, colorful space has been and continues to be to people.  Ghost Ranch continues to provide a peace-filled and nurturing space during this uncertain time, fostering well-being and spiritual health through this historic, inspiring southwest landscape.

Whether you are here in person or simply reflecting on a time that Ghost Ranch has brought you a settled feeling, we hope that light and love and  Spirit will hold you a healthy space.

We also ask that you hold Ghost Ranch and our staff in your prayers, as we lift each other up in community. Instead of holding out our hands to one another, let’s open our hearts with acts of love and compassion wherever we are. 

All of our staff are engaging and shifting routines to stay safe, to keep our team and families safe, and are making every effort to keep the environs safe for visitors and guests.

Hiking, overnight stays, tours and trail rides will continue over the next few weeks. We are working with group leaders to make sure that if folks are at high risk or are concerned about travel, they feel supported in staying home.

Cancellations for programs at this time are for courses in March and some, though not all, in April. Some have been rescheduled where possible and continue with on-going evaluation. At this time, we ask those who are canceling a reservation to rebook for a future offering of the same event or transfer to another Ghost Ranch event as your schedule allows. For those with health or financial hardships, a full refund will be honored when requested.

These April Festival of the Arts courses are still on – we will re-assess at the end of March.
Writing For Self-Discovery with Kelsea Habecker
Hiking the Enchanted Land of GR with Connie Burkhart
Outdoor Landscape Painting with Marion Berg (was with Michelle Chrisman who is injured)
April Adult Service Corp

In New Mexico, if you suspect that you have more than the average flu, you are asked to call 855.600.3453

before making your way to your doctor’s office, urgent care or hospital. In all other medical emergencies, call 911.We are actively monitoring the current situation. For immediate updates, we recommend viewing both the CDC and New Mexico DPH websites. 


Please keep in mind that the best way to prevent the spread of infectious disease is through overall cleanliness and diligent handwashing.

We are grateful for your cooperation, prayers and understanding.

We are increasing routines of the sanitation of doorknobs, light switches, and other commonly-touched public and lodging room surfaces, with extra attention given to our Dining Hall. We are re-assigning staff members to help in this crucial work.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is provided at the front of the buffet line. We ask that all take a moment to sanitize before and after serving food. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also offered at the welcome table and in the staff offices. (These are ongoing practices, not new ones.)

We are posting CDC hygiene tips and reminders in all bathrooms and gathering spaces offering advice on handwashing and other ways to stay safe.

We ask that all guests who have a fever, symptoms of a respiratory infection, or have been exposed to a person with coronavirus, flu, or any other communicable disease reschedule their visits to the ranch.

We ask you to stay home if you are a high-risk individual or if you’re feeling sick, primarily if you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, especially when coming to this altitude.

If you are traveling internationally for a program at Ghost Ranch, we invite you to look at the CDC information for travelers first. Several airlines are adjusting their flight-change fees and penalties to allow more flexibility for travelers impacted by the Coronavirus.

Please send your questions to We’ll point you to the
team member best equipped to help. Registrar – 505.685.1017; Front Desk
– 505.685.1000.

Your Donation Means So Much at Ghost Ranch!


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