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Living on the Hinge of History with Defiant Hope: Engaging the Climate Crisis

Sunday, Nov. 10 – Friday, Nov. 15
Rev. Dr. Jim Antal
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The climate crisis provides people of faith with opportunities to embrace new vocations rooted in hope expressed in action. We will move from despair and feeling overwhelmed to joyful engagement as we understand and experience our call to make a difference on a local, national and global level. Climate activist and denominational leader Rev. Dr. Jim Antal will examine the most recent science as well as our grief over the loss of our home as we identify and commit to grounded, resilient strategies to thwart the impending crises, amidst the poignant locale of Ghost Ranch.
As a participant, you will experience a safe context in which you can discern how God is calling forth your distinctive gifts to address the greatest moral crisis humanity has ever faced. You will practice and hone various strategies for engagement. By the time we finish, you will have identified and “owned” commitments to spiritual practices and vocational directions to engage the challenge before us. The quiet, stark beauty of the surroundings will help you to get more deeply in touch — and to fall in love (again) — with God’s magnificent gift of creation. The quiet will allow you to encounter an inner voice that too often is drowned out by the cacophony of our busy lives. 



This retreat is based on Rev. Dr. Antal’s book, Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change, which was featured on Earth Day 2018 in The Chicago Tribune. 





Rev. Dr. Jim Antal is a denominational leader, climate activist, author and public theologian. He serves as Special Advisor on Climate Change to the General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ. 
    Over the past 13 years Rev. Antal has served as the head of the UCC for the 350 UCC churches in Massachusetts, and the national climate spokesperson for the UCC. He has preached on climate change in over 200 churches (and other venues including Harvard, Yale, and other universities) to tens of thousands of folks.
    Antal is a graduate of Princeton University, Andover Newton Theological School, and Yale Divinity School, where he was Henri Nouwen‘s teaching assistant. In 2017, Yale Divinity School honored him with the William Sloane Coffin Award for Peace and Justice. An environmental activist from the first Earth Day in 1970, in July 2017 Antal authored a resolution declaring a new moral era in opposition to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. Click here to learn more about Rev. Antal.


Thunderstorm photo: Julie Amador

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