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Lenten Services Invitation and Schedule

Dear Friends,

Lent is the period of 40 days (in the Christian liturgical calendar)—not counting Sundays—from Ash Wednesday until Easter.  It is an occasion for spiritual disciplines that can lead to a deeper, more fulfilling inner spiritual life:  prayer, Scripture study, fasting, charitable giving, daily and weekly worship, quiet daily meditation and devotions. The six weeks of Lent come as gift and opportunity, not “obligation” or imposition.

One spiritual discipline that lends itself well to Lent is to spend ten minutes per day “listening” to Jesus as revealed in the four Gospels.  By reading two chapters of the Gospels per day throughout Lent, by the time of Easter, one will have read (or re-read) all four of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (89 chapters).

Will you commit yourself to accept the “Lenten Challenge”—ten minutes per day reading the Gospels—throughout the 46 days of Lent, 2018?  Doing so may heighten your perspectives on life…and deepen your faith.  

Lenten Challenge Calendar 2018_download the guide here. Miss a day?  Catch up the next day.  The point is, wherever one begins the daily Lenten discipline, ten minutes per day at Jesus’ feet—hearing his words, seeing his deeds, knowing his “story”—can enhance, enrich, bless one’s devotional and spiritual life. May God go with us all on our respective and collective “Lenten journeys.”  

Rev. Don Grauer, 2016-18  Ghost Ranch Chaplain, Pastoral Care

Rev. Brenda Grauer, 2017-18 Ghost Ranch Chaplain, Spiritual Life Coordination


Wednesday, Feb 14th2 pm – 2:45 pm at the Agape Worship Center. We welcome everyone to begin this Christian season of Lent, by worshipping together and receiving the imposition of ashes as a sign of humility, penitence, and openness-to-growth and change.  Ecumenical sacrament of Communion will be offered.


8:45 am9:30 am in the Agape Worship Center. All denominational heritages are welcome!  Come each week to gather together in worship and Christian community.


Wednesdays, Feb 14th, 21st, 28th, Mar 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th.  6:45pm – 8pm. In the Spiritual Life Services office, behind the Corral Block housing. (A sign will greet you.) Using the contemporary Lenten study and devotional book by Biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann, A Way Other than Our Own, we will explore Old and New Testament readings to understand the context of the Bible and the stories that formed ancient people’s faith, and now form and shape us today. We will reflect on the study book’s guidance for our Lenten walk in 2018.  There will be time for questions, discussion and quiet meditation.  The study books will be available in the Ghost Ranch library to read ahead of each week’s session.

  • Those who wish to purchase the Brueggemann book may do so on When you shop through AmazonSmile, you can designate National Ghost Ranch Foundation as your charity and we receive a portion of qualifying sales.


Friday, March 30th, anytime from 8 am to 4:30 pm.  Open to individuals or groups. The interactive stations will be set-up outside, around the “alfalfa field” beginning in front of the Welcome Center.  Walk at your own pace and leisure.  The fourteen Stations of the Cross is a devotional walk, commemorating the events of Jesus’ crucifixion. As you walk from one station to the next station on Good Friday you will be invited to rehearse the scripture story, reflect upon your own personal journey of life and faith, receive a token of remembrance at each station, and offer prayer. 


Sunday, April 1st6:45am – 7:30am. In the outdoor, mesa worship center. Celebratory breakfast in the dining hall immediately afterward. Easter is the founding event of the Christian faith. It is a celebration of life over death, good over evil, hope over despair, darkness to light!  As we watch the sun rise over Kitchen Mesa and gaze across the horizon at the splendor of the spring, desert landscape, join us in song, Biblical story, and prayer as we celebrate the New Life that is Easter.

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