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Wendy Robertson Fyfe

Wendy, is an Artisan of Cultural Renaissance. Stemming from her own wild experiences she is passionate about inviting humans to enter larger imaginings of ourselves towards moving into deeper places and senses of ourselves and the world in connection and service with the Cosmos. Originally teaching Cultural Studies and Social Policy in Higher Education, she left to wander after experiences challenged what she had been taught about the nature of reality. Finding her way to Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy training in London, she then co-created with the ‘other than human world’ ‘The Walk’, a ‘journey with anima mundi’, along East Lothian’s coast in Scotland in 2001. ’The Walk’ was filmed by BBC Scotland in 2005. Wendy is a published writer, photographer, poet, psychotherapist and teacher returning to teach Counselling and Psychotherapy in higher education. She is currently an advanced trainee at the Animas Valley Institute training programme for underworld/soul guides. She is writing two books around themes of Soul Initiation and Pilgrimage. Wendy currently lives in Dunbar, Scotland, birthplace of John Muir, and loves travelling to Iona, Lindisfarne and USA. Wendy sees through a Celtic lens. For further information/articles see

Wendy Robertson Fyfe

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