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Tim Gibbs-Zehnder

Relentlessly optimistic, Tim brings his down-home folk-singing upbringing from the hills of West L.A. to a sincere interest in progressive thought, sound and visuals. Most of the time he’s plucking bass or cracking doumbek, but he’s also been spotted strumming a mandolin, bouzouki and (only when his older brother says it’s OK) a guitar. He finds his voice in song, in visual arts and in perfecting the ingredients and shapes of Saturday-morning pancakes.

Together with his twin Tom Zehnder they compose, arrange, perform and record as an independent duo based in Los Angeles. Tim plays bass and doumbek, Tom plays guitar and djembe, and the two raise their voices together in elaborate duets. As their compositional voices grew, they earned degrees in music composition from UCLA, both graduating summa cum laude. For more information, see

Tim Gibbs-Zehnder

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
Española Valley Fiber Arts Center

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